Circulation Minutes 2014 11


Circulation Meeting Minutes
November 6th, 2014

Create Lists –
– Empty/delete your lists if/when you don’t need them.
– queries can be saved to run again
In transit
– run and review new in transit status ‘K’
– list/review old in transit and look for both “to” and “from” your library

Billing Issues –
– Payment may be collected by lending library for Lost and/or Damaged
items belonging to other libraries
– have patron or library check/money order made out to owning library.
– if receiving library uses credit/debit cards, then send check to owning library

Damaged Goods –
Who does what?
– Receiving library calls patron & puts note on patron record
– do not check in item.
– Receiving library consults with owning library of damage.
– Receiving library sends money & item to owning library.

A variation is
– patron from library A returns damaged item from owning library B to
bookdrop of receiving library C.
– do not check in!
– call owning library

Libraries have different rules and considerations! Talk to each other!
Missing Parts & Imperfect Condition
If items continue to circulation in imperfect condition or minus a cd/dvd
– Owning library should add notes/messages to item records to indicate
condition or missing part.


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