Circulation Minutes 2015 09


Discussion Points/Minutes
Lion Circulation Meeting – September 24th, 2015

Museum passes
– are they in catalog? – can they be put on hold? – loan to patrons from other towns – fines?
Most libraries
– lend to patrons from other towns (with library cards?)
– town patrons can put on hold if that service is provided
– most circulation or TixKeeper or Library Insight
– fines vary
LION Circulation guidelines/philosophy?
– How to handle patrons blocked because owe more than max allowed at home library
(wide range of max amount allowed)
– most override unless unreasonable (over $25? $50?)
– should consider if fines or lost/replacement

– Are there standards for creating patron records? Should DOB required?
– other than name, address, phone, email, patron type…
– DOB / driver license not required – shouldn’t be…
– YA cards? what is age of YA?

– Is it ok to remove the old DYNIX manual blocks for libraries other than your own?
– YES absolutely

– OK to delete expired/duplicate patron records from other libraries when encountered?
– NO – call / email other library

– Trying to clean up patron records – expired? fines?
– old billed library items on old patron record
– notify item owning library
– Coming soon !

Libraries have different rules and considerations!
Call! Email! Text! Talk to each other!


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