Circulation Minutes 2016 12


Lion Circulation Committee Minutes December 15 2016


– DeliverIT considerations 

–  stats and patron goodwill being affected

–  backlogs & stale holds are problems

–  E-route seems to be most affected

– North Branford, Durham and Middletown have significant backlog of items to be delivered

–  most items are being sent – except of course the new items –

–  running/filling hold list – seems to depend on timing of pickups –

–  some libraries are delivering items to other libraries

– perhaps time for Lion libraries to hire service to take care of backlog and

then see what happens


–  consultant delivering deliverIT opinion end of January – then what?


– Expired holds and the holdshelf 

– most keep items on holdshelf for 7 days

– any questions ask Andy at Lion

– Please Clear Every Day


– Patrons/Clients

– ok to waive old small (under $1) fines from expired cards (usually under 3 years)

– what is a really expired card?

– appears 3 & 5 years are the typical for expiration date

– do not delete other library cards if replacement/billed items on that card

– contact Andy if you want a mass deletion of expired cards


– to identify patrons with same name

– use middle name/initial

– Birth date is available on patron record template – ask Andy

– especially those moving from town to town and getting card


– Items

– New item status added “Display2”


– Time to get back to the Best Practices recommendations


Libraries have different rules and considerations!

Call!  Email! Text! Talk to each other!

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