Circulation Minutes 2017 06


Lion Circulation Committee Minutes
Wednesday June 21st, 2017
Guilford Free Library


Basically we will function as we have been for the past year until we have the opportunity to review the functionality of the new deliverIT. In early August we are planning to administer a Doodle Poll to see what/how Lion libraries are doing.

Lion libraries will pull holds through June 30th
– While some LION libraries have opted to stop pulling transit holds, most agreed to
operate as we have been (which already varies from library to library).

Patrons & staff can continue to place 5 Holds
– # of patron placed holds remain at 5 until we review the new delivery system and
determine what we can manage.
– this is also so as not to keep changing the rules on our patrons.

Fulfilling holds during shutdown
– Pull holds only for own library pickups during shutdown July 3rd through July 16th.

– Shutdown July 3rd through July 16th
– drivers will pick-up outgoing/returned items at least once
– additional pickups may be scheduled by drivers – however – call State if needed
– these outgoing items will be returned to home libraries
– and may fulfill your patron’s hold.

Patron Communication / delays / shutdown
– Chat with patrons – explain continuing situation
– patrons are unfortunately accustomed to and seem to expect these delays
– Goal is not to confuse patrons with changing rules every week
– Set out deliverIT CT updates and bookmarks at your own discretion.

Bins / Packaging
– Label outgoing bins/boxes with destination route #, name, date
– if mixed items, include all destination #s and names
– We will continue to use plastic bags until gone.

New items
– continue to fulfill or not the requests for new items –
– North Branford Smith/Atwater would like any new items returned to them
– not to next patron in line – we will try.

Predefined Charges
– predefined charge reasons on patron fines/add charges screen
– notify Lion new reasons/definitions are needed.

Best Practices recommendations
– return to project in the autumn.

Libraries have different rules and considerations!
Call! Email! Text! Talk to each other!
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