Circulation Minutes 2018 02


        Lion Circulation Committee Minutes
February 22 2018


– DeliverIT – Riverbend

– Excellent service – may cost more as more work than they expected

– Expired holds and the holdshelf 

– Most libraries keep items on holdshelf for 7 days as designated in loan rules
– Should clear every day using Clear Expired Holds and Holdshelf function
– this will clear and set statuses (from expired hold to next hold or available)

– Patron/Client Records

– If deleting patron expired records which have replacement/billed items from other libraries
notify the owning library so items records can be resolved and items replaced if necessary
– Contact Andy if you want a mass deletion of expired records

– What can be used to distinguish/identify individual patrons with same name?
– on the Best Practices Recommendations for discussion
– Date of Birth field on patron records is available for use –
– libraries with collection agencies must use driver license #

– Messages and notes
– Messages not intended to be shared with patron – however don’t enter what you
don’t want shared
– messages pop up when accessing record and are displayed when viewing ‘find a patron’
– remove message/note when no longer applicable (such as ‘update email’)

– Andy is planning a purge of paid fines entries – will retain current year plus 5 years

Lion Items

– Borrowing libraries should not be overriding holds or the borrowing periods of lending libraries
– basically if message pops up don’t override other library rules unless we call/ask

– Items loaned to No Fine Patrons
– patron no fine assigned by library and therefore applies to patron borrowing their library’s items
– no fine is not consortia-wide

– Standardized treatment of DVD-TV boxed sets
– could be distinguished in call number –
– on the Best Practices Recommendations and send to Bib Committee

Claims Returned function

– the number of items claimed returned is maintained on the patron record
– no limit – is that a problem? (other than item not returned?)


Best Practices Recommendations
– Joe will take to Board for further discussion / approval.

Next meeting in April.

 Libraries have different rules and considerations!   Call!  Email! Text! Talk to each other!

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