Circulation Minutes 2019 04

Circulation Committee
Public Library of New London
Tuesday, Wednesday, April 10, 2019
1 – 3 PM



  • Best Practices: Phase II
    • Board of Trustees met and want Best Practices put into practice
      • Except fines
    • Short term goal
      • What are the obstacles to reach goals?
    • Branford
      • Made changes have not had many complaints
    • Email Andy when your library wants to change to Best Practice – Give him time!
    • The Board endorsed it already
    • Joe will bring it back to the board to remind them about it
    • Can we have a check list to help us transition
      • It will help us know what need to be done
    • Suggestion was made that LION makes a the final decision and we follow through
    • Auto renewal
      • New update gives option of auto renewal
      • We can do one or two auto renewal
      • it happens when the curtesy notice goes out
        • Can it be done from due date instead?
      • a note will let them know
      • unless there are hold on the item
      • Most of us agree to one auto renewal
    • Fines are very different from library to library. However, it is more complicated and will not be discuss at the moment.
    • Borrowing Policies: List obstacles to uniform loan periods for each material type. How did libraries determine existing rules and loan periods? Example: DVD fines range from $.10 to $1.00 per day.
    • Replacement copy policy: What are the current practices?
      • Many do but only from their own patrons.
      • If a copy is damaged at a borrowing library, they must pay amount.
      • Concern was brought up about library over charging for materials
        • Not much can be done
      • Processing fee can be lowered, email Andy
    • Gender
      • Some libraries are already doing it.
      • We do not use gender for anything.
        • The committee agrees that we no longer need to ask for it
      • Preferred name – you can add a note to add it
        • Notes can be placed before the name
          • Andy, can you send a how to for those who want to do it this way?
        • We need to be more welcoming places
      • Barcodes – do you delete them when getting a new card?
        • Some do but many don’t since digital collections need the original barcode
          • You can send the new and old barcode to Joe to change it on Overdrive
          • You can keep the old barcode and add xx at the end
        • Expired cards: 20,000 with no fines, extending back from a start date of 3/1/09.
          • We all agreed that they should be deleted.
            • Expired cards with no fines or replacement
          • Policy for extending expired cards at non-home library: should it be one month?
            • Best practice says one month although most libraries prefer not to change a record from another library.
            • We need to add to B.P how long should they be expired for
          • Billed items –
            • Patrons are being allowed to check out items even though they have billed items on their record.
              • Decision must be made by libraries.
              • Staff can see that there are overdue/billed items on the record because it turns red
            • Linked accounts
              • Please do not unlinked account before talking to the library who linked them.
            • Report for removing items from the hold shelf should be run every day.
              • New button on the cancel holds to help you place a hold on a cancelled item easier
            • Andy send an email with all the new changes in Sierra that we should know about
            • Some issues in Sierra
              • Issues when 2 different computers open with the same record
              • Having trouble printing notices
              • On the holds sheet we see request for the same book from different libraries
            • How do libraries get people to pick up items on holds? Currently, there are 7-day rules (and maybe a little longer depending on # of pickups per week), email, and Shoutbomb, and calling those who request it. Are there other approaches to get people to pick up their items?
              • We all do this suggestions but we still have patrons who do not pick up their materials
            • Online registration
              • Email Joe if you want to set up online registration for your library
            • Email Andy when you are ready to make changes but remember it will take time

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