Appendix III – Cataloging Tips

Appendix III – Cataloging Tips

rev:  May 1, 2014

Merging and moving holdings:

1. Search for the bib record you don't want to use.

2. Place a "check mark" on your left near the items you want to move.

3. Go to "Edit" and select "transfer attached"

4. Search for Bib record you want to use

5. Click on "Summary" tab and on your right click on "Use Bib".

6.  Pop up box will ask if you want to move and retain old bib, or delete
old bib.

If you are moving all the holdings pick delete old bib (option 2).

If you are just moving your holdings keep the old bib (option 1).

Attaching an item template to a bib template:

To attach an item template to your bib template you need to go into Admin.

then – settings, in the New Record tab, under New Record Template,  pick Item and use the drop down menu to select "always prompt" or you can choose which item template you want to be prompted for (after you create some). (Item templates are created in Admin, settings, templates, choose item, not bib.  You will need to set up your own item templates because they all will be different).  Save settings.

After you save a new record go into summary.

Half way down on the left you will see "view" and a drop down.  Pick "Item"

On the right a button will pop up "attach new items"  click on it.

This will give you the item record.

Once you have set up your template to be prompted for item template, you must go into summary, view (item) and then attach button to get to the item screen. It doesn't come up by itself.


 Creating an 008:

highlight the tag that comes up first (probably 100)
enter 008
expand field
change field name

Make sure that there are no red tags, subfields, etc. in the 008 record as this indicates something is incorrect.