eBook Development 2014 06


Minutes of the LION eBook Development Committee (eDC)
Meeting June 10, 2014

Submitted by Deb Barberi, Chair


Deb Barberi thanked members of the Lux Committee, especially Janet Flewelling, for hosting the first meeting of the eBook Development Committee and acknowledged their contributions to the LION Digital Catalog and collection development and selection of eBooks and audiobooks.

The newly formed Committee will assume responsibility for collection development, borrowing guidelines, budget proposals, selection, reordering metered titles, evaluating high holds, and reviewing patron requests.

Based upon recommendations made by Lux, immediate priorities were identified and attendees were asked to volunteer.  The issues to be addressed may require several working groups or subcommittees.

  • Recruit and train more selectors, including several with children’s/YA experience
  • Review the collection development policy, including the holds ratio and criteria for patron requests,  and consider whether changes are required
  • Assume responsibility for patron requests, metered titles and maintaining the holds ratio.
  • Evaluate the Overdrive acquisitions and circulation history and submit a budget proposal to the Board for next fiscal year.  Request additional funding to cover expected shortages.


A signup sheet was circulated and volunteers were sought for the following tasks. 

            Budget Working Group – 5 volunteers

            Review of Collection Development Policy – 3 volunteers


                        Adult Fiction (11), Adult Nonfiction-(8), YA-(4). Children (3)

                        Patron-Driven (3 volunteers – Marty Hubbard offered to lead)

                        Metered Titles (3 volunteers)

                        High holds (7 volunteers)

Deb will request that Alan set up an Overdrive Marketplace id and password for everyone who volunteered to select.

Alan gave a demonstration of the Overdrive Marketplace acquisitions portal.  He described how he currently reviews carts created by selectors as well as carts created automatically by Select Express for metered titles that have 5 or less checkouts remaining, patron recommendations and high holds that exceed the hold ratio.  Alan noted that he divides the annual budget by 12 to determine how much to spend each month.  The current budget is $40,000 (or $3,333 per month) for both eBooks and audiobooks. This is not enough money to purchase all the requests each month.  Alan also reviewed the price guidelines for the benefit of new selectors.  There are canned reports available related to the collection, website and circulation in additional to the full purchasing history, which will be useful for developing a budget request.

There was a brief discussion regarding work flow for the selection team.  Several ideas were suggested and will be considered in the near future.   Another need is to be able to track books that are requested automatically, by patrons or by selectors but not purchased.

The next meeting will be held in the Fall.   In the meantime, Deb will organize the workgroups.  Alan will continue to handle the high holds requests until we are organized.  Once login ids are communicated, selectors are welcome to set up carts and select books.

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