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LION eBook Development Committee
9:30 am Wednesday, October 1, 2014
North Haven Memorial Library



PRESENT: Deirdre Santora – BR, Trish Connolly – DU, Cathy Shields – EL, Heather Brine – GU, Amie Lemire – HM, Lisa McAllister –MA, Debra Barberi (Chair, Recorder), Jason Neely – MD, Teresa Holabird – NB, Pat Dortenzio – NH, Janet Everett – OL, Rebecca Harlow– OR, Janet Flewelling, Judy Sgammato – WA, Colleen Bailie –WM, Laura Marcella – WD, Alan Hagyard – LION.

Deb thanked Pat Dortenzio for hosting the meeting.

Attendees introduced themselves and shared their experience/interests.

The minutes of the June 10, 2014 meeting were accepted as written.

Alan presented a budget update. The annual Overdrive content budget is $40,000.00. We allocate approximately 1/12 or $3333.00 per month for acquisitions. In August, the Board voted to add $50,000.00 of reserve funds to this fiscal year’s budget, increasing our monthly spending target to approximately $7500.00.


Alan described how he reviews the carts in the Overdrive Marketplace and makes purchasing decisions. Carts are automatically created for items exceeding our hold ratio (currently 10 holds/copy for audiobook and 7 holds/copy for eBooks), patron recommendations, and metered titles with less than 5 holds remaining. These items and the new purchases selected by librarians far exceed our current budget. For now, Alan will continue to review the high holds and metered titles cart as he has algorithms to deal with these decisions efficiently.


Although not able to attend this meeting, Marty Hubbard volunteered to review patron recommendations and make purchase decisions. Deb Barberi will follow up with Marty.

Three LION libraries donated funds to create Sponsored Collections. Staff from the respective libraries are selecting the books. Guilford donated $1000. Heather Brine is selector. Wallingford donated $3500. Janet Flewelling is selector. Meriden donated $10,000. Becky Starr is selector. Sponsored Collections are shared among LION libraries but the donor will be recognized in the LION digital catalog menu and on the title detail page of each book. Our committee will add Sponsored Collections to the collection development guidelines.

Alan announced that the Board renewed Recorded Book’s Zinio digital magazines for another year. The OneClickdigital eBook and audio book platform is included, and the sales representative offered LION the core audio/eBook collection on a trial basis. After some discussion, those attending agreed that we should not offer another digital platform at this time. Questions were raised as to whether it would add value to our collection,te what the State offerings, and whether it is feasible to add another platform at this time. Positive points raised were that the OneClickdigital participating library and state library platforms are seamless from the patron perspective and that the Recorded Books audio content would be available.

Janet Flewelling presented the history and highlights of the collection development guidelines. At our next meeting, we will review the policy to see if the Committee has changes or additions to recommend to the Board. It was suggested that a list of eBook publishers and their pricing models would be valuable.

Pre-pub materials are to be purchased in the month they are published because we pay when we order them, not when they are released. Ordering earlier ties up funds and generates long hold queues.

The group discussed and agreed upon initial Overdrive Marketplace workflow, staffing, order timelines, and
monthly budget.

Ordering process/work flow:
Selectors will add items to a set of 6 carts organized by eBooks or audiobooks for Children, Teen, and Adult.  Once a month, the carts will be combined into one order by an acquisitions coordinator and submitted to Alan for purchase. If the items placed in the carts by selectors exceed the monthly budget, the coordinator will retain some of the requests the following month. Each selector is free to create, name and manage temporary carts as long as they move or add their selections to the standard carts to be ordered. Alan will continue to review the holds carts.

As specified in the Collection Development Guidelines, the order is submitted mid-month.

Budget allocation:
The $90,000 budget for this fiscal year results in a monthly budget of $7,500.00. The group agreed upon combined eBook and audio book monthly allocations as follows. These targets will be reviewed on an ongoing basis:


Area $/month %
Children 800.00 10.7
Teen 1,000.00 13.3
Adult 3,000.00 40.0
High Holds 2,000.00 26.7
Patron Requests 700.00 9.3




Area/Coordinator Selectors
Overall Coordinator: Jason Neely
Adult Jason Neely (Coordinator), Colleen Bailie, Pat Dortenzio, Janet Everett, Janet Flewelling, Rebecca Harlow, Teresa Holabird, Amie Lemire, Deirdre Santora, Judy
Sgammato, Cathy Shields, Jonathan Wiener*
Children Laura Marcella (Coordinator), Rebecca Harlow*
Young Adult/Teen Colleen Bailie, Heather Brine (Coordinator), Rebecca Harlow
Patron Recommendations Deb Barberi*, Marty Hubbard (Coordinator)*


Most committee members have login ids and are familiar with the Overdrive Marketplace. Contact Deb if you
have questions.
A smaller group remained after the meeting adjourned to discuss the budget recommendation to the Board.
Three amounts were presented as options: $90,000, $100,000 and $120,000. Alan agreed to provide some
reports to assist with the decision making – -perhaps current snapshots or historical information regarding
unfulfilled holds ratios or patron recommendations.

Information regarding the next meeting will be forthcoming.


* Name added after the meeting ended.

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