eBook Development 2015 06


LION eBook Development Committee (eDC)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015
Russell Library, Middletown

PRESENT: Kathy Sasso – EH, Cathy Shields – EL, Heather Brine – GU, Amie Lemire – HA,
Beth Crowley – MA, Rebecca Starr – ME, Debra Barberi (Chair, Recorder) – MD, Jason Neely –
MD, Janet Everett – OL, Rebecca Harlow – OR, Virginia Clarke – OS, Janet Flewelling – WA,
Colleen Bailie –WH, Laura Marcella – WD, Brittany Mullen – WS, Alan Hagyard – LION.

Thank you to Pat Dortenzio for her contributions to the team and congratulations on her upcoming
retirement. We hope to have another volunteer from North Haven Public Library soon.

Heather Brine from Guilford and Colleen Bailie from West Haven offered to host future meetings.

Overdrive no longer offers WMA format audiobooks. Some publishers transferred titles to MP3.
Audiobooks available only in WMA were removed from the collection last month. Cathy Shields
agreed to review the “sunset” WMA titles to decide whether to purchase eBook copies.

All agreed that the selection process and work flow are working very well. Selectors should be
mindful of the number of carts being created and retained in the Overdrive Marketplace.

Janet Flewelling informed attendees about SELF-e, a self-publishing e-book platform offered by
BiblioBoard and Library Journal. Local authors submit books which are reviewed for offensive or
slanderous content before inclusion in the Library Journal or statewide module. A consortium license
costs $6750 annually. The Connecticut module is expected within 6 months. Scranton Memorial
Library purchased BiblioBoard with SELF-e from CLC. Janet will bring the proposal to the Board.

Deb is seeking volunteers to work together to investigate the Overdrive reports available to assess
utilization of the collection. Cathy Shields and Kathleen Sasso volunteered.

The remainder of the meeting was dedicated to reviewing the Overdrive Borrowing and Collection
Development Guidelines. There was quite a bit of good discussion resulting in the following list of
changes to submit to the Board for approval at their next meeting:


Document Section Changes Recommended
Borrower Eligiblility, Lending Period, Holds No changes.  There was a discussion about increasing the lending period which was tabled until we see the impact of the increased item limits.  (see below)
Item Limits Increase borrowing limit from 6 to 10; Increase combined holds from 6 to 10.
Early Returns Simplified wording; Remove WMA
Renewals Update to reflect that patrons can renew both eBooks and audiobooks if there are no holds on the item.
Formats Simplified wording; Remove WMA
Funding Reworded; Added eBook Development Committee may request special appropriations; added sponsored collections with $500 minimum
Collection Development and Purchasing Removed:  statement about splitting budget allocation evenly between audio and eBooks; “popular” from collection focus; “must haves” & “good reads”; Children and teen best sellers and classics.  Added:  library users of “all ages”;
Price Guidelines Added “eBook”

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