eBook Development, 2016 05

Minutes of the LION eBook Development Committee (eDC) Meeting

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Russell Library, Middletown


PRESENT:  Deirdre Santora–BR, Trish Connolly-DU, Kathy Sasso–EH, Cathy Shields-EL, Nancy McNicol-HM, Debra Barberi (Chair, Recorder)-MD, Heather Scussell–MD, Janet Everett–OL, Rebecca Harlow-OR, Virginia Clarke-OS, Janet Flewelling-WA, Laura Marcella-WD.


Deb Barberi noted that there were no minutes prepared for the meeting of April 5, 2016.

Membership:  Trish Connolly is resigning from the eDC and will appoint a replacement from Durham.  Thanks, Trish!  We welcomed Nancy McNicol from Hamden Public Library.

The May and June acquisitions budgets were reduced by half to cover a deficit due to purchasing expired licenses with holds and high holds earlier this year.  The next order is scheduled for June 10th.  We will resume 2 orders per month in July.

When eDC formed, Alan Hagyard continued to assist in selection – using algorithms to balance the demands for High Holds titles and, more recently, expired metered licenses.  The time has come to transition high holds purchasing decisions to the adult, teen and children’s coordinators and selectors. This is effectively immediately.  We will continue to have High Holds carts to select from.

In order to facilitate and streamline administrative decision making and review of policies, budgets and workflow, Deb Barberi recommended that we identify members willing to serve on a management subteam.  This group will meet in July.

We are seeking a second adult coordinator to work with Rebecca Harlow and to provide backup– perhaps someone to coordinate audiobook orders.

The member list was circulated and updated.  Deb will email the updated version.  Any member can email to the entire Committee using the listserv odselect@old.lioninc.org.  Here is the updated list.

Area/Coordinator FY 2016 Committee Selectors (revised 5-25-2016)
Management-(Budget, Policy Workflow) Deb Barberi (Coordinator), Janet Flewelling, Alan Hagyard, Rebecca Harlow, Laura Marcella, Brittany Mullen, Kathleen Sasso, Heather Scussell, Rebecca Starr
Adult Rebecca Harlow (Coordinator), Jackie Bush, Janet Everett, Marty Hubbard, Janet Flewelling, Teresa Holabird, Nancy McNicol, Deirdre Santora, Rebecca Starr, Cathy Shields, Jonathan Wiener
Children  Laura Marcella (Coordinator), Lisa McAllister, Michele DeSarbo, Rebecca Harlow
Young Adult/Teen  Heather Scussell (Coordinator), Jackie Bush, Rebecca Harlow, Kathleen Sasso


Attendees adopted a proposed FY2017 monthly budget allocation plan with modifications based on discussion.  The following table compares the current FY2016 monthly allocation to FY2017



 Effective July 1, 2016

Audience %Circ FY2017 Planned/Mo FY2016 %/Mo FY2016 Actual/Mo
Adult 82.2% 9,250.00 42.7% 3,200.00
Teen 11.1% 1,250.00 13.3% 1,000.00
Children 6.7%  750.00 8.0% 600.00
High Holds 26.7% 2,000.00
Patron 9.3% 700.00
Total/mo 11,250.00 7,500.00
Note:  Based upon $150,000 annual budget; 10% or $15,000 set aside for reserves


Discussion points:

  • Monthly allocations increase from $7,500 to $11,250.00 with $15,000.00 held in reserve.
  • Allocation to be reviewed at the Fall meeting.
  • Allocation are based upon Overdrive circulation reports which show checkouts over the past year were 80% adult, 12% teen, and 8% children’s materials
  • The majority of high holds and patron recommendations are adult materials
  • Selection coordinators will balance how much to spend on new selections, high holds, patron selections and expired metered licenses each month – rather than specifying a preset amount
  • Holds and Checkouts – 33% audiobook vs 67% eBooks (by count)
  • Requests for reserves submitted to Chair for management team to review and decide
  • The adult selection team needs a second coordinator to assist and backup Rebeca Harlow – perhaps someone to coordinate the adult audiobook order.


Alan suggested that the group consider adding Project Gutenberg books to our collection.  The books are free “cultural” works and most are public domain.  Cathy Shields agreed to work with Alan to add sample titles so we can see how they circulate over the summer.  If we add them, we will select the titles to add, rather than adding all 4,500 of them.

Kathy Sasso surveyed the Committee to learn how LION libraries order high demand titles in Adult Fiction.  She received responses from four libraries:  Wallingford, Case Memorial, James Blackstone Memorial and Guilford.  This is something we will look into.

From 7/1/2015-4/30/2016, there were approximately 180,000 checkouts of which 28,000 were “pending” — this means they were loaned to the patron but never downloaded.  Currently, the Automatic Checkout default is to automatically borrow an item when it becomes available. Rebecca Harlow asked LUX to consider changing the default Automatic Checkout setting to “Off” so that materials would go back into circulation sooner if not downloaded. Patrons can change the default.

Rebecca Harlow will mentor Virginia Clarke and Nancy McNicol in using the OD Marketplace.

The next meeting will be held in the Fall.

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