eBook Development, 2017 04

Minutes of the LION eBook Development Committee (eDC) Meeting

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Wallingford Public Library

Attendance: D Barberi, R Starr, C Shields, S Mizla, D Santora, R Harlow, J Everett, R. Hennah,
L Lyons, H Scussell

The next Overdrive orders are scheduled for Friday, April 14, 2017 and Friday, April 28, 2017.

Becky Starr has agreed to serve as backup to the adult selection coordinator.

Copies of the current policies were distributed. The LION Board approved changes to the eBook price Guidelines. They are: Maximum price of $95 for non-circulation-limited titles. Maximum price of $70 for circulation-limited titles. Exceptions are allowed if approved by the Committee Chair.

Deb circulated a FY2017 budget report up to and including the March 2017 purchases. Currently, we are on target with $112,982 of the $150,000 expended. Taking into account the upcoming 4th quarter purchases, reserves of $3,267.00 remain. At the beginning of this fiscal year, 10% or $15,000 of our budget was set aside for reserve purchases. To date, reserve funds were used for additional orders during the holiday season, for high holds, and for expired titles.

The February 24, 2017 YA order was dedicated to the Nutmeg Book Awards. A unanimous decision was made to use reserves to purchase an additional YA order.

The FY2018 budget remains unchanged at $150,000. Discussion followed regarding how to allocate monthly expenditures next year. When preparing the FY2017 budget plan, the Committee agreed to a set percentage of the budget being spent for adult, teen, and children’s titles, based upon circulation. Within those areas, the selectors were given the authority to balance the amount spent on new titles, additional copies of titles with high holds, repurchasing titles with expired licenses and patron recommendation purchases. Overall, this approach is working out well.

Heather, YA selection coordinator, stated that an increase in the monthly teen budget of $1,250.00 would be helpful. The percentage of teen circulation has increased slightly from 6.7% to 8.6%.

The following allocations were proposed beginning July 1, 2017. As in the past, this can be revisited throughout the year and special needs can be met utilizing reserves.


Effective July 1, 2017

Audience %Circ FY2018 Planned/Mo FY2017 %/Mo FY2016 Actual/Mo
Adult 81.9% 9,250.00 9250.00 3,200.00
Teen 9.5% 1,500.00 1250.00 1,000.00
Children 8.6% 750.00 750.00 600.00
Total/mo 11,500.00  11,250.00 7,500.00
Note: Remaining $12,000 is set aside for reserves


Both Deb Barberi and Laura Marcella announced that they are resigning from their current roles. Deb has announced to the Board and highly recommends that this position be filled with an experienced selector. We are seeking a coordinator for Children’s selection who is currently selecting Children’s materials for their library. Contact Deb to learn more about this opportunity.

Rebecca Harlow, adult selection coordinator, gave an excellent presentation on how the order process is handled. She is doing a phenomenal job! It was clear to those in attendance that our strongest indicator of demand is high holds. Two thirds of our order is dedicated to maintaining a holds ratio of 7:1 or a wait period of 12 weeks! A lively discussion followed. Here is Rebecca’s outline:

Creating an Order
1. High Holds

• Create holds cart using 7:1 ratio; separate children’s, teen, and adult carts

❖ Hold ratio 7:1 – max. patron wait time is 12 weeks

• Create adult holds cart using last ratio (current ratio is 10:1)

❖ Hold ratio ion – max. patron wait time is 18 weeks

• Adjust holds ratio, if necessary.

❖ Coal is to have no more than 2/3 of order as high holds.

• Review holds report for any titles that meet the ratio but are not available for purchase; if available in a new edition, add to final adult holds cart

2. Expired Titles with Holds

• Add titles with holds to EXWH (order date) cart (current standard is 3 or more holds)
• Review titles for duplication i.e. own another edition
• Review holds report to see if multiple patrons have been waiting for books for an excessively longtime
• Look at previous carts and move titles from “no holds” to “with holds” where necessary, and vice versa

3. New Titles

• Patron recommendations
• Add audiobooks for this order’s high demand e-books, if not owned
• New York Times Bestsellers list
• LION “High Demand Holds”
• Selectors’ carts
• Back list
• Series gaps

Compiling the Final Order Cart
1. Review totals for all carts, adjust carts if necessary, depending on current needs.
2. Review the new titles cart for e-book/audiobook balance.
3. Review the new titles carts for balance of genres.
4. Current target is 25-30% audiobooks; 70-75% ebooks.
5. Combine all carts into the Adult Order cart.

After the Order
Redistribute high holds that were placed on books that are no longer available for purchase between the old and new copies.

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