Lux Committee Minutes 2016 03


Lux Committee Minutes 3/28/16


Zinio Renewal

Our Zinio subscription is up for renewal on July 1. Pricing will remain stable, with a $12,500 platform fee. OverDrive is offering their magazine platform for $7,500, but none of the drawbacks we identified on our previous assessment of the product have been addressed. For that reason as well as staff and patron familiarity with Zinio, we recommend to continue our current subscription into FY16-17.  At the June Lux meeting, we will decide on any additions or deletions to the Zinio collection.  The current title list will be distributed via the Lux listserv.


The article search feature is expected to be available in late April.


Alan shared the HTML code for the rotating magazine cover in the pac. Feel free to utilize it on your web sites or other online platforms.


Shared Kits Task Force

At the February meeting, the Lion Board voted to fund shared kits up to $15,000. Thanks to the hard work of the shared kits task force, and especially the chair, Christine Michaud, for getting this initiative off the ground. Unfortunately for us, Christine has resigned from her position in Durham and has accepted a job at New Britain Public Library. Brittany Mullen of Westbrook has agreed to take over as chair.


SMS Marketing

Shoutbomb is an SMS marketing service that would allow for 2-way text alerts about both materials and programs. It is used by many library systems, especially in the Midwest. For Lion, it has a $3,500 one-time license and $3,950 annual maintenance. We need to pay both fees for year 1. The full details will be shared and debated on the listserv, with the goal of making a recommendation to the Lion Board at the upcoming April meeting.



Deb Troffater investigated Boopsie, a custom library app for aggregating digital content. It can include library catalog, library account, Zinio, OverDrive, databases, etc. Boopsie is an excellent product that could alleviate our problems with marketing across platforms, but it comes at a very high price tag. A Lion subscription would cost $44,000 for the first year and $30,000 for each additional year. We agreed that the cost is a significant barrier, but that we would continue to monitor the product in the event of a price change or additional functionality.


Digital Resource Records in the Pac

We reviewed the Lion Board policy about digital resource records in the pac. Only records for resources available Lion-wide (OverDrive, Zinio) are allowed, because there is no way to drop non-shared resources from the All Libraries scope. Prior to this policy, there were many disappointed patrons who had no means of accessing non-shared content that they found in the pac.



Alan discussed Bibframe and LibHub, an online framework for making individual library catalog entries searchable on Google. Bibframe creates a web page for every bibliographic record and LibHub then links that web page to libraries owning the item. This product is also very expensive ($45,000). Denver PL is the first live site. Alan will continue his research and report more at the next meeting.


Self-Check App

Alan also discussed a self-check app for cell phones. Lux felt it would be of limited use to Lion, because it wouldn’t work for libraries with security systems, but the Circ Committee will evaluate it more fully.



Rick reviewed the changes to CEN’s budget. As of July 1, public libraries will need to pay for their Internet connections. For the larger libraries on fiber, this will be about $5,000 annually. Rick will pass along more details as he receives them.


Windows 10

At present, Lion will not install Windows 10 on public computers, because there is no efficient way to clone them. They will re-evaluate if Microsoft changes how license activation in Windows 10 occurs or if Microsoft offers an enterprise license. Lion will install Windows 10 on staff computers.


Next Meeting

June 2016, date and location TBD

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