Lux Committee Minutes 2016 06


Lux Committee Minutes 6/9/16

Zinio Add/Drops

We decided to continue all current subscriptions and add the following:

  • Woman’s World
  • J-14
  • Girls’ World


OverDrive Auto Checkout

We discussed the drawbacks of allowing auto checkout as the default option when a patron places a hold. Alan discovered that many titles remain in pending status and are never actually downloaded. However, these pending downloads still count as checkouts, which is to our disadvantage on circulation-limited metered titles. Additionally, pending downloads for 14 days mean that our hold queue fills at a slower rate than if the hold pickup had simply expired after 72 hours. We agreed to request that OverDrive make our default unchecked for auto checkout. Patrons continue to have the option to use it. They simply will need to check the auto checkout box themselves.



OverDrive Suspend Hold Feature

OverDrive has a suspend hold feature similar to freezing holds in the pac. Patrons choose whether to suspend it for 7,14,21,28, 60 or 90 days by logging into their OverDrive account and choosing the Suspend Hold option next to the title on their Hold page.



OverDrive Advantage Changes

OverDrive now allows advantage titles over a year old to be added to the general collection. Alan will coordinate this process with Hamden and Middlefield. He also will try to have all traces of Advantage removed from our digital catalog, if possible (such as the Sign In For Availability button).



New OverDrive Web Interface

OverDrive expects to move us to their new web interface sometime this summer. It should be much faster than the current one.



Shoutbomb SMS Service

The Lion Board tabled the request to add Shoutbomb, since their recent meetings have been focused on DeliverIT. It is expected that they will vote on it at the June meeting.



DeliverIT Update

Alan reported on the status of DeliverIT. He has collected statistics through the month of May. These are his findings to date:

  • 70% of our holds in transit go to a location which does not own the item
  • 52% of Lion titles are held by a single library
  • 88% of Lion titles are held by 5 or fewer libraries
  • 96% of Lion titles are held by 10 or fewer libraries
  • 34% reduction of hold volume if we limited patrons to 5 holds
  • 19% reduction of hold volume if we limited patrons to 10 holds
  • 8% reduction of hold volume if we limited patrons to 20 holds
  • Weekly polls of libraries indicate that quality of service is stable (terrible service remains terrible; decent service remains decent)


At present, the Lion Board has no plans to set a Lion-wide hold limit. Individual libraries may set their own if desired. DeliverIT will reestablish delivery routes in the coming weeks.


Alan is investigating ways to reduce the number of transits and improve the speed of delivery. In Sierra, he has grouped libraries by DeliverIT route for paging priority.



Shared Objects Task Force Update

Task force members are finalizing order lists and investigating options for tracking scheduling. Kits are expected to be available in the fall.



Minecraft Committee Update

The server was upgraded to version 1.9 a few weeks ago, adding a lot of new features for players. There will be a committee meeting in the fall to discuss how to increase usage and to collect feedback. About a dozen libraries currently participate.
MakerLab at Blackstone Library

Deb Troffater discussed Blackstone Library’s MakerLab services. They have a mobile maker stations with a variety of equipment including 3D printers, sewing machines, and videography tools. They host classes with volunteer instructors from the community. Patrons have embraced these opportunities, and the library plans to seek grant funding to expand the MakerLab. Their web site has a great overview:



OPAC Replacement

Lion will replace all of the OPACs with new Chromeboxes in the coming fiscal year. Matt is working on a schedule.



Next Meeting
September 2016, exact date and location TBD.

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