Lux Committee Minutes 2016 09

Lux Committee Minutes 9/29/16

Self-e & Biblioboard Creator

Christine Michaud of Durham reviewed Biblioboard’s Self-e and Creator platforms. Self-e allows local authors to distribute their ebooks to subscribing libraries.  Subscribing libraries have access to the nationwide Library Journal “best of” selections and the statewide module (with no editorial review other than for “decency” standards). Biblioboard provides MARC records and marketing materials. The ebooks are simultaneous use with no due dates.


Most Creator subscribers use it for local history digital collections. The subscription includes access to other libraries’ content items.


Self-e is available as a standalone product, but Creator is only available bundled with it. The current quote is $30,000 annually Lionwide for Self-e or $41,175 for the Self-e/Creator bundle. Janet recalled a fairly recent Lionwide Self-e quote at a much lower cost ($6,750 in Sept. 2015).


Several libraries expressed interest in a repository for historical materials, so the discussion turned to OverDrive’s local content platform. There is no additional cost for it, although Lion libraries would have to do all of the uploading work. Alan is going to explore the upload process with OverDrive and report back at the December meeting.



RB OneClickdigital Proposal

Recorded Books is offering a substantial discount on their downloadable audiobook core collection subscriptions. The adult core collection is $10,000 for the first year and $20,000 annually thereafter. It contains 4,600 simultaneous use titles. The children’s/YA core collection would add $2,250 for year one and $4,500 annually thereafter. It contains 1,700 simultaneous use titles. In addition, we would be required to purchase 144 downloadable titles annually at a 40% discount (estimated to be about $8,000 annually). There is no platform fee, since we already have Zinio, and Recorded Books would merge the State Library’s content into our platform.


We agreed to test the OneClick platform via the State Library and re-evaluate at the proposal at the December meeting. We also will investigate how much of the State Library’s collection overlaps with the core collection.



OverDrive Auto Checkout

It is too soon to determine whether the auto checkout default change has affected the number of pending checkouts. There should be enough data by the next meeting.



New OverDrive Web Site

Our new OD web site will launch in mid-October. The URL is, although the old URL will redirect for a while.  The web site is available now, so please try it out and tell Alan if you see any problems or usability issues.



OverDrive Advantage Collection

Middlefield and Hamden’s Advantage collections are almost fully merged into the Lionwide collection. Titles which are checked out or on hold cannot be rolled until the title is free of those conditions. Alan will have bib records for the former Advantage titles loaded into the pac.



Shared Objects Task Force

The shared objects collection should be available in early 2017. So far, the items have been selected (although not yet ordered) and the policies set. For the new year, there will be a web site and reservation system. Please contact the task force chair, Brittany, at (put Attn: Brittany Pearson in the subject line) with questions or comments.




Alan and Andy have been working on the install of Shoutbomb, our new SMS service. They expect it to be ready for testing in the next week. Once setup is complete, they will provide directions on how to use it.




The State Library Board finally understands the extent of the DeliverIT crisis. They are holding a special meeting in October devoted to the topic. Currently half of Lion has no backlog, but E route continues to be a problem. Sandy Ruoff of Guilford has asked the State Library Board to raise the hold limit to 10.


Innovative is working on an enhancement that delays the fulfillment of transit holds on locally-owned items, but it is unlikely to have a large impact on the overall transit hold volume. The timeline for release is unknown at present.



Next Meeting

Early December, exact date and location TBD.



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