Lux Committee Minutes 2016 11

LUX Meeting Minutes, 11-28-2016

Works-Level Catalog
Jonathan Wiener from Case Memorial demonstrated an innovation in opac design – the works-level catalog. Darien Library has pioneered a version for Polaris and they expect to make an ILS-neutral version at some point in the future.

In Darien’s pac, multiple formats of a title are displayed in a single record, with tabs for each format (large print, audio, etc.).

If Darien did release an ILS-neutral version, it most likely would require hiring a programmer to configure it for Lion.

Other options for a similar interface are Encore (Innovative’s discovery layer product), which is very expensive, and VuFind, an open source product which Marmot Library Network in Colorado uses consortially with Innovative.

Alan reviewed the Shoutbomb configuration and usage instructions. The broadcast keywords and authorized users can be modified at any time. For non-keyword broadcasts (i.e. an authorized user sends an email with Broadcast in the subject line but no keyword name), any users with in your home library will receive the text. For segmented broadcasts, all who have opted in to that keyword will receive the text, regardless of home library. It may be prudent to use only keyword broadcasts in order to reach non-residents. Alan will send out a list of all the keywords. Please share with the committee the success and frequency of use of your keywords.

Compose an email in this format to send a broadcast message:
Subject: Broadcast keyword name
Message: Whatever you like, but be aware that longer messages will be broken into shorter ones, which the recipient may not receive in the proper order.

Shoutbomb sends texts between 7 am and 9 pm. Any broadcast messages sent outside of this time frame will be disseminated the following day. It runs the holds report hourly from 7 am to 9 pm and runs a batch job of the other notice types at the start of the day. There are some questions about how the texts are batched in order to prevent being labeled a spammer.

When advertising Shoutbomb, please use this link to the directions: Alan can pull some usage statistics from that link (number of hits, from where it was linked, etc.)

We have the option of adding a Shoutbomb signup form on the web, although Alan would prefer not to do so.

Alan will begin advertising Shoutbomb on the pac home page in early January. Libraries are welcome to begin publicizing now if they wish. Janet shared a handout made by Wallingford staff which is available for download on the Lux Marketing page of the Lion web site.
OverDrive New Web Site
The hold queue display has been fixed. The patron request feature has been reinstated, since OverDrive was able to suppress the misleading drop-down menu of suggested unowned titles. Alan will ask for a specific date for the launch of OverDrive Reading Rooms. We have the ability to modify the graphical category displays on the home page. Janet shared a handout made by Wallingford staff promoting the new OverDrive URL. It is available for download on the Lux Marketing page of the Lion web site.

Zinio Time/Life Bookazines
Zinio now offers “bookazines” from Time/Life. They are special editions of Cooking Light, Life, People, Southern Living, and Time, with each issue focused on a particular theme (i.e. Life Elvis Presley). There are 6 subscriptions available, most with 12 bookazines each. We decided to add all 6 subscriptions at a cost of $720.

RB Digital expects to update the Zinio for Libraries interface in early 2017.

RB Digital Core Collection
We decided to decline RB Digital’s discounted offer for their simultaneous use core audio collection. A few members had previously subscribed and reported low usage. The statewide collection also has low usage. In addition, the eBook Development Committee would have an increased workload in managing multiple collections. We may reevaluate the product when the state’s integrated digital collection app is released (supposedly late 2017).

The new Chomebook pacs are configured to block popups. This restriction prevents e-commerce from running on them. The Lion staff is on the lookout for workarounds, but we have to live with it for the time being.

Statewide Catalog & DeliverIT
No meaningful progress on either since the last meeting. Alan and a few Lion Board members had a conference call and visit with the consultant hired by the state.

Shared Objects
All items for the kits have been ordered. The web site is up:, but is a work in progress. Please send feedback to Brittany Pearson at Westbrook Public Library. Alan is investigating a scheduling system for the kits. We plan to launch in January.

Next Meeting
Late March or early April, exact date and location TBD.

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