Lux Committee Minutes, 2017 04

Lux Meeting Minutes 4-10-17


Alan demonstrated the Pika discovery layer available through the Marmot Library Network, a consortium in Colorado that is similar in size to Lion. Pika runs on top of Sierra and provides a much more user-friendly experience. Some key features include record grouping (where all formats of a print work are displayed on a single record), faceted browsing, integrated OverDrive checkout, and responsive layout. It also allows for individual library customization of the appearance.

Examples of libraries running Pika:
Town of Vail Public Library:
Mesa County Libraries:
Englewood Public Library:
Santa Fe Public Library:

We would need to add a subscription to Novelist Select in order to have access to all Pika features, especially recommendations.

We could switch our ILS and likely continue using Pika, as it also runs on other vendors’ products.

Alan will ask whether Pika can leverage Sierra’s Limit to Location feature for bib-level holds, which would alleviate several of our transit problems.

Marmot Library Network is a nonprofit, and they are committed to enhancing the product based on the needs of their members and partners.

The cost of the product is on par with Innovative’s Encore discovery layer – approximately $42,000 for the first year and $30,000 for each additional year. If we became a partner in the next few months, we should expect to be live in early 2018. The earliest the vote would go to the Lion Board is July 2017.

Hold Beyond Limit Form
LCI offers a Hold Beyond Limit form in their pac: It allows patrons to request additional holds on locally-owned items. We discussed whether the form would be a useful addition to our own catalog. Each library would designate an email address, and form submissions for that pickup location would go to the address. There was debate about whether it was better for the form submission to go to the hometown library or the pickup library. The Circ Committee will weigh in at their next meeting.

OverDrive Reading Rooms
The children’s and teen reading rooms are sticky as a default – that is once you’re using it, any new searches will be limited to those collections. We can request that the stickiness be removed. So far there are no patron complaints, and the interface looks quite different than the main collection. We will continue to monitor the setup.

OverDrive Curate Feature
Alan has been testing the curate feature in OverDrive, with much success. It allows you to create collections of materials for display on the landing page and/or the Collections menu. Alan will write up instructions. We may need to create a calendar if a lot of staff are interested in participating.

Qello Concerts
Recorded Books submitted a proposal for a Lion-wide subscription to Qello Concerts, an online platform for simultaneous use of concert videos. It even allows for public performance. The subscription is very expensive, so we declined to pursue it at present.

Shoutbomb Marketing
We discussed techniques for marketing Shoutbomb. Many libraries are having success by mentioning it during the hold pickup and checkout process.

Shared Objects Update
The kits are in high use and the system is working well.

Next Meeting
Early June – exact date and location TBD. We will be looking for a host.

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