Lux Committee Minutes, 2017 06

Lux Meeting Minutes, 06/17/17

OverDrive Curate Feature

Alan has been using the OverDrive curate feature to create featured collections on the landing page. He has noticed that the circulation of these collections has increased. Christine Michaud and Lauretta Lyons volunteered to take over this task, once Alan has trained them.


CIPA Filtering

We discussed the provisions of overriding a blocked web site. The patron must be over the age of 18, and it must be for lawful purposes. Every device owned by a library must be filtered if receiving e-rate funding. Patrons’ own devices do not need to be filtered.


Innovative Web Client

Innovative offers a web client which runs from a browser. It can be used on tablets or possibly smartphones. It lacks some of the features of full-blown Sierra, but its functionality recently has improved greatly. Some libraries have been experimenting with using it for issuing cards and checking out materials at outreach events. If it will be used off-site, Rick needs to set up a VPN. Its greatest limitation is that there can only be 5 Lion-wide concurrent logins, and logins to more than one module on the same device also count against this limit. Innovative plans to remove the limit, but there is no timeline. Contact Rick if you want to give it a try.



At the upcoming Lion Board meeting, Alan will propose a funding strategy for Pika. It is possible that the Board will vote on it that day.



Alan has set up an item-level hold restriction in the test version of the pac. He demonstrated its functionality, in the event that the Lion Board decides to implement it for the upcoming DeliverIT shutdown. Patrons would be forced to select a specific item for every hold they place and would be required to pick up the item at the owning library. One concern of this setup is that patrons may not realize that pickup at the owning library is necessary, no matter what kind of directions we provide. However, if patrons are in a scoped version of the pac, they will only see that library’s materials.

Many decisions about DeliverIT will happen in the next week. There is a State Library Board meeting on Monday, a Lion Board meeting on Tuesday, and a Lion Circ Committee meeting on Wednesday. We discussed some of the possible outcomes:

  • No changes to our setup during the shutdown, but no filling transit holds until delivery resumes
  • Forced item-level holds in the pac
  • Interim Lion-wide delivery service, with no hold restrictions
  • No patron placed holds during shutdown

It was requested that in the event that there is not consensus throughout the consortium on operational procedures during the shutdown, Lion should compile a spreadsheet listing any restrictions by library (i.e. Library A isn’t pulling any transits, Library B won’t send DVDs, etc.).


Fiber Installation

The deadline for the installation of the new fiber is September 12. Once the fiber is installed, the CEN needs a 30-60 day window to activate it.



Rick recently scheduled a Lion-wide demo of IP Genie, a VOIP phone service. He said that the presentation was impressive and the cost is reasonable. Contact Rick if you want more information.


eBook Development Committee Update

Deb Barberi is stepping down as committee chair, and Laura Marcella is stepping down as children’s coordinator. Contact Deb if someone from your library is interested in filling either of these roles.

There were some extra funds available in the digital content budget, so the selection team is working on purchasing expired metered titles and high holds in the coming weeks.

OverDrive is introducing a cost-per-circulation model, which the committee will evaluate once more information is released.




The state is in the process of releasing the eGo app, which was designed with the goal of one-stop shopping for digital materials. It will compile materials from Lion’s OverDrive collection, the state’s RB Digital collection, and possibly some additional platforms to which libraries subscribe individually.  Tumblebooks and hoopla most likely will not be compatible with the app.


 Next Meeting

Sometime in the fall, exact date and location TBD once the new Lion Executive Director is settled. Bon voyage, Alan!

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