LUX Committee Minutes, 2017 10

LUX Committee Minutes

October 17, 2017

In January, the design work for our discovery layer for the pac will begin. Launch is expected for May. Each library may make an individual iteration of Pika to match their web design, but Joe recommends we wait on that until we are sure it is running smoothly. Joe will invite Lux members to participate in the design process.

Pika does not use LibraryThing & LibAnywhere. We will not need LibAnywhere with Pika, since the design is responsive. Pika developers recommend Novelist and Good Reads to replace LibraryThing. Joe will get clarification on our options for this.

Zinio Rebranding
Zinio is now RBdigital Magazines. Please update your promotional materials and web sites. Patrons will be forced to switch to the RBdigital app in the coming months. Tell Andy if you notice any Zinio branding on the catalog or LION web site.

The RBdigital app requires patrons to create two profiles if they want to use the LION magazine collection and the state’s audio/ebook collection. There is no way to merge it into one profile unless we become a subscriber to RBdigital audio/ebooks. The status of the state’s ebook app is uncertain, since they lost their vendor.

eBook Development Committee Changes
The eBook Development Committee will become the eMaterials Working Group. It will have fewer members and also will handle selection for RBdigital Magazines. There will be biannual open meetings for anyone who would like to attend. The working group is seeking a children’s coordinator and backups for the adult, teen, and children’s coordinators. Contact Deb Barberi if you are interested.

OverDrive is strongly pushing the Libby app, so it may be worthwhile to start teaching patrons to use it.

There is a new Get a Library Card feature that allows patrons to register for OverDrive using their mobile phone number. We would need to contact our rep if we would like to use it. It is recommended that the Circ Committee discuss this feature at their next meeting.

OverDrive offers a dyslexic font as a reading setting in their apps, in OverDrive Read, and on the OverDrive web site.

Shared Objects
Brittany needs help with policy development for the shared kits. There has been some confusion about the reservation and renewal process. Joe and Brittany will look at the admin settings in the reservation calendar and send out proposed policies based on the calendar’s capabilities.

Please be sure to use the reservation system any time you borrow a kit. Be aware that Lion staff will not transport the kits for you.

We will be switching to a phone number instead of an email address as our Shoutbomb sender. This will help Shoutbomb not be labeled a spammer and will offer compatibility with a wider number of phones. We will need to change the email address to the new phone number on all of our marketing materials and on our individual web sites. There is supposed to be no impact on existing subscribers other than the sender on their Shoutbomb message will become the phone number. We have the option to send a message to all subscribers instructing them to update their contact list when we switch over. Shoutbomb will maintain support for the email address. The proposed date for the switch is November 6.

Next Meeting
Wednesday, January 17 or Thursday, January 18 in Guilford. There will be an availability poll posted in mid-December.

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