LUX Committee Minutes, 2018 04

LUX Committee Minutes

April 18, 2018


The PIKA team presented a webinar about some of the administrative functions which will be configured by individual libraries. They discussed settings at the library level (whole library) vs. the location level (individual branches). Each library will need to enter their own hours (set in military time), holidays, address, phone number, and social media links. Holidays display as a system message at the top of the screen. The system message field also can be used for early closings or late openings, but the message must be manually removed. The PIKA team recommended adjusting the hours schedule when your operating hours vary by season. Each library may add links of their choosing to the sidebar. Common ones are events calendars and donate/support.

Administrators can make Browse Categories lists (the lists that drive the book cover displays), although we agreed to launch with the default categories and implement our own down the line. We also will be able to make widgets for our web sites from Browse Categories. We will receive training on it at a later date. Browse Categories lists can be created from manual lists or they can be saved searches. The benefit of saved searches is that they update automatically. The committee agreed that all Browse Categories lists must follow the naming standard we use in Sierra’s Create Lists, with the list name beginning with the library’s Sierra prefix.

The recording of the PIKA webinar is available at:

Joe will send a spreadsheet with all of the administrator user names and barcodes. There is one administrator per library, although it is possible to make dummy cards for additional users to make Browse Categories lists.

OverDrive, RBDigital Magazines, and other digital platforms like hoopla (if the library subscribes) will be integrated into the catalog.

Launch is expected in mid-May. As we get closer to the launch date, Joe will post on the pac about the upcoming changes. Please review other catalogs and send suggestions and questions to Joe.

Shared Objects
We agreed to decentralize the shared objects collection and move equipment between libraries using Riverbend. Joe will work with Riverbend to ensure appropriate packaging for the equipment. Once implemented, the library with a new request for equipment should reach out to the current borrower to arrange the transport

eBook Working Group
The eBook Committee has been scaled down to a much smaller working group. It has been 10 years since LION became an OverDrive subscriber, and the circulation growth over the years has been impressive. Please send any questions about the OverDrive collection to Deb Barberi.

OverDrive Magazines
OverDrive is launching a new magazine collection this summer. Joe will get more information from our rep.

Pritch Printing App
Pritch is a printing app that allows for remote wireless printing from any device as well as traditional print management on public computers (Windows only). CLC is working on discount pricing and held a webinar with the developers a few weeks ago.

Old Barcodes in OverDrive
We do not have an effective system for tracking deleted library card numbers. When a card number is deleted from Sierra but has pending holds in OverDrive, it often causes much confusion and requires tech support time. For the next meeting, we are seeking suggestions for tracking deleted cards.


Next Meeting
Early June – exact date and location TBD. A poll with potential dates and times will be posted soon.


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