LUX Committee Minutes, 2018 09

LUX Committee Minutes

September 10, 2018


The upgrade to fix the problem with the display of diacritics doesn’t appear to have resolved the issue fully. Continue to send anomalies to the email.
The API problem is also not 100% fixed. Occasionally deleted titles still appear in PIKA. Continue to send anomalies to the email.
The PIKA team is still working on the Ready for Pickup display problem, in which an account displays a number for the items ready for pickup, but there are no entries in the Ready for Pickup section.
The PIKA team recommends keeping the Log Me Out After Requesting the Item box checked as a default due to concerns about patrons leaving their accounts open on public computers. The committee agreed this is the best option.
Janet gave a demonstration of a workaround for Popular Titles lists. A number of patrons have requested for PIKA to display the most requested books and DVDs as we had in the old catalog. Janet revises lists for Popular Books and Popular DVDs on a weekly basis using the LION-wide high demand holds report and uses them to create Browse Categories. Janet is seeking additional committee members to help with the upkeep of the lists. Any library is welcome to use the lists on their own catalogs.
Andy gave a demonstration of how to create Browse Categories from a search. He recommends using the test instance to practice. The URL of each library’s test site is (i.e. for Wallingford the test site URL is

Sierra Web App
Andy gave a demonstration of the Sierra web app. Innovative plans to eventually move to this for all users, although the timeline is uncertain. Currently only 5 simultaneous logins are permitted across LION. The URL of the web app is You use your regular Sierra login credentials. You do need to be in the LION IP range, so a VPN is required for off-site use at outreach events. Be sure to log out when you are done using the web app, since there are only 5 total licenses.

SELF-e Select in OverDrive
We have a year-long free trial of SELF-e Select in OverDrive. This is a collection of 50 simultaneous use self-published titles selected by the staff of Library Journal.

Contact Options for Shoutbomb
Some Shoutbomb users have requested no additional contact. There is no way to tell in Sierra if a patron is a Shoutbomb user. The workaround most libraries use for patrons who request no additional contact is to write DO NOT CALL patron’s phone number in the Phone Number field and to leave the Email field blank or put the email address in the Note field.

Shared Objects Decentralization
Joe is working on pricing for shipping kits through Riverbend. If your library currently has a kit, please send the dimensions of the container to Joe.

Libraries who have purchased or have investigated purchasing the Kanopy streaming video platform discussed its pricing and popularity. It appears there are different pricing models for public and academic libraries, but either is pay-per-use. The content comes with public performance rights, and the records can be loaded into PIKA.

LION Strategic Plan

Joe discussed the LION strategic planning process. The action items have been approved and the full plan will go to the Board in October. The Lux Committee will be reconfigured into working groups with specific charges pertaining to the plan. Some projects include videoconferencing, training materials, LION web site redesign, and web hosting of Sierra.


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