LUX Minutes 2011 03

Lion User Experience (LUX) Committee Minutes 3/17/11

The PAC Committee has a new, improved name reflecting our expanded focus to all aspects of customer service and technology within the consortium. As of today, we are the LION User Experience Committee, abbreviated LUX.

The majority of the meeting centered on the new version of webpac pro, which Lion expects to implement in early June. The test version is available at

In 2009, the PAC task force developed a cleaner, more intuitive prototype for the updated catalog, which was approved by the board. However, with the latest update to Millennium, the design needed much modification. Andy and Alan have been working on those changes, especially to the home page. There is still a lot of tweaking that needs to be done, particularly on the secondary pages. Any comments or suggestions should be emailed to the group as a whole.

So far, these are the planned changes:

  • Add the Overdrive logo (with link) to all pages
  • Top navigation the same on all pages
  • Update the sort choices to match the wording in the current catalog
  • Standardize the names of the collections and libraries in the location drop-down box. Library names will be the same as on the Lion notices. This change goes into effect immediately in the current catalog as well.
  • Ability to edit phone number as well as e-mail address in My Account
  • Line up the first drop down menu in the header with the Lion logo
  • Fix the alignment of the “Visit the Lion Libraries” heading in Chrome and IE
  • Change the name of the Search button to Go on the secondary pages
  • Make the Copies section in individual records wider to accommodate long libraries names and statuses
  • Left align the locations, call numbers, and statuses in the additional copies view
  • Remove the entry box next to the View additional copies or search for a specific volume button
  • Standardize the font, color, and size of the library names in the header
  • Fix the odd square in the right end of the blue header bar
  • Make the Request link in the title list match the Request link in the individual record (with checkmark)
  • Widen the area for book covers so the images will not overlap the text
  • Collapse sections of individual records, if possible
  • Help/tooltip for My Lists/My Bag within the command itself as well as in the Help screens, if possible

These were the topics for further consideration and discussion on the list:

  • A different name for the Other Searches menu. Many felt Other Searches implied searches outside the catalog.
  • Do we need two help menus in the top navigation?
  • Do we want to keep the Syndetics popup (with text Click for more info)? Syndetics info now is integrated into individual records. However, the popup is accessible from the brief view. Another option is to change the text background color and/or wording (or remove it entirely), but keep the cover image linked to Syndetics.
  • How to organize drop down menus (both within each drop down and across the top navigation) – alphabetically or by some other priority?
  • Should we change the names of My Lists and My Bag?

Alan and Andy also gave some Overdrive tips and clarifications. The Downloadable eBooks (Overdrive) and Downloadable Audiobooks (Overdrive) lists in the catalog only contain the items for which we have OCLC records, not the entire collection. Right now, the eBooks lists has about 660 of our 930 titles.

The easiest way to find only the available titles in Overdrive is to do an Advanced Search, limit by format, and check the “Only show copies with titles available” box. Leave all the other fields blank.

The new My Help section in Overdrive is a big improvement. Alan demonstrated its step-by-step instructions.

Harper Collins has limited its e-books to 26 circulations. Lion has not officially boycotted, but we probably won’t be adding their titles extensively.

There are many Project Gutenberg titles available in the Overdrive interface. The link is in the left navigation under “Additional eBooks. Always Available.” They may be used concurrently, and they do not count against the Overdrive limits.

We will be updating Overdrive to mimic the new catalog’s design once it is complete. Please send any suggestions for improvements to Alan.

Additionally, Alan discussed an offer of a group discount for Tell Me More, an online language instruction database. The cost is $17,000 per year if every Lion library participates. If individual libraries wish to purchase, they should contact the vendor directly. Alan will request tiered pricing for future database offers, in case some, but not all, members wish to subscribe.

The next meeting will be in May.

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