LUX Minutes 2011 05

LUX Committee Minutes 05/05/11

Committee Charge: Because the committee has a new name and has incorporated the Emerging Technologies committee, our first order of business was to formalize our mission. A written copy will be circulated first to the LUX committee for any final edits, then to the Lion Board for approval.

Overdrive Collection Development: Alan provided a few more details about the Overdrive Advantage program. A weakness of the program is that patrons only will see Advantage titles once they log in, unless it is a duplicate copy held by the consortium. However, all Advantage titles will show up in the pac. Alan has asked if Overdrive can revamp this program to allow the purchasing library’s patrons to always move to the top of the hold queue, but to allow access for any Lion patron. If this is not possible, he will investigate whether Advantage titles could be moved to the Lion-wide collection after demand has waned. Another suggestion was to purchase only duplicates in the Advantage program to circumvent confusion for non-Advantage patrons. Alan is working on setting up an Overdrive webinar for a more complete understanding of the Advantage program.

The committee agreed to address modifications to the Overdrive loan rules after the Kindle compatibility launch.

Alan reviewed the current process for Overdrive collection development. Lion will create a listserve for the Overdrive selectors, so that any staff member can email the group with purchase recommendations. Alternative models for collection development were presented, including the one used by the Library Connection consortium, in which each member library has a set budget to spend each month.

Alan will draft a formal collection development policy. It will include best sellers, award winners, and popular fiction and non-fiction for adults, teens, and children, and backlist series when new titles are released. Additional parameters will address whether to purchase pre-pub titles (which expend funds when the titles are ordered, not when they are released) and when to order multiple copies.

PAC Redesign: Andy demonstrated the latest incarnation of the pac. A few minor adjustments were suggested. Each library will have the choice of whether to display the full Lion libraries slideshow or just a photo of their own building on their scoped catalog. The full Lion libraries slideshow will appear in the All Libraries catalog. Please e-mail Andy with your library’s preference as well as a photo of your library. Alan and Andy still have a bit of work to do on the formatting of the individual records. Launch is expected in early June. Alan will put a “Coming Soon: New & Improved Catalog” notice in the existing pac.

Next Meeting: Early in the fall. Date will be set in August.

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