LUX Minutes 2012 04

LUX Committee Minutes 4/23/12

Overdrive Redesign
Alan discussed the possibilities for the redesign of the Overdrive site. We will be able to choose logos, colors, buttons, and browse list options. Alan will send out a list of other libraries’ sites to review, and the committee will make suggestions via the Lux e-mail list. Alan will compile the results and give them to Overdrive.

The sites Alan highlighted at the meeting were:

eMedia Library:
Mandel Public Library:
Berkeley Public Library:

Some initial considerations include:

Do we want the tabbed interface or the one with the header navigation bar?
Where and how large do we want the search box to be?
Should we have columns on both sides of the screen or just the left?
Do we want to turn on the ratings feature?
What browse lists do we want?

Suggested at the meeting were:

Getting rid of the Recently Returned browse list. Alan said it had been removed previously but somehow reappeared.
Having a direct link or button to My Help wizard.
Simplifying the interface as much as possible and making the search feature very prominent

Random House Moratorium
Alan brought the committee up to date with the Random House moratorium. On Thursday, the Lion board will meet with a representative from Random House to discuss the situation. Alan is working on a redirect page that appears when a patron goes to the Overdrive catalog. This page will give a notice of why we are not adding any Random House titles and will include email addresses for patrons to contact the publisher.

Book Sizzle
Cyndi Shirshac gave a brief demo of Book Sizzle, a readers’ advisory tool that allows libraries to highlight their collections on their web sites with minimal staff involvement. It costs $300 per year per library, but we may be able to negotiate a better deal if enough libraries want to purchase it. Questions were raised about how it compares to Wowbrary and to Book Letters (which costs $700 more yet is sold by the same company).

Next Meeting
The next meeting will be in June, date and location TBA. There will be a Doodle poll to select the date and time. If a library would like to host the next meeting, preferably in an eastern or shoreline location, please
e-mail Janet Flewelling

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