LUX Minutes 2012 06

Lux Committee Minutes 6/12/12

Overdrive Redesign
Alan discussed the status of the Overdrive redesign. He put together a mockup based on our comments on the Lux list. (View mock up)

These are the components:

  • Design template of Berkeley Public Library
  • Search box with options to limit to e-books, audiobooks, and available copies
  • Getting Started section with buttons for My Help, Help/FAQ, and Compatible Devices
  • Only a few links in Browse Collections, with fly-out submenus
  • Only a few links in Featured Lists
  • Link/button for Public Domain eBooks
  • Navigation bar links for Home, My Cart, My Account, Libraries, My Help, and Advanced Search
  • Turn on the Ratings feature

The graphic mockup has the Lion web site logo (lion on top of book spines) as the page header. Most preferred this option to the Lion logo in the pac (lion with white background), because it would help patrons discern which catalog they were using. The words “downloadable catalog” or “digital catalog” also will be added to the header image.

Alan needs the committee to continue to review the sample sites and send comments to the Lux list, even for minute details. Please pay particular attention to the individual records pages, since our discussion to this point has focused on the home page. Alan recommended we follow the format of Marinet for the differentiation of formats in individual records. Other suggestions at the meeting:

  • Remove the word “Help” from the Help/FAQ button
  • Change “Libraries” to “Member Libraries” in navigation bar

Alan will submit our initial mockup to Overdrive, who then will add us to the work queue. There will be a test version of the site for everyone to review before we go live.

Penguin eBooks for Kindle
Several libraries report that they have wirelessly downloaded Penguin eBooks since the usb only restriction was put in place. Please send the Lux list any titles with this “problem” so Alan can investigate further.

Multiple Copies of eBooks
E-mail Alan if there are special events that may require multiple copies of eBooks, like a One Book program. The current ratio is 7:1 for the purchase of an additional copy.

Always Available eBooks     
We have 50 Always Available titles from Duke Classics. We received them as a special promotion. The subscription will expire next April, and Alan does not expect to renew it. You can find the titles by doing an advanced search and choosing Duke Classics as the publisher. Please note that we have other titles from Duke Classics which have the standard lending rules.

Loan Period for Downloadable Materials
A patron submitted a complaint to Alan about the brevity of the audiobook loan period, which sparked a discussion on the Lux list. Overdrive has a feature that allows a patron to pick the loan period, either 7, 14, or 21 days. Many felt that we should add this feature, as long as we could drop the 21 day period (several other libraries only offer 7 or 14 days). At the meeting, we decided to roll the feature into the Overdrive redesign, with options of 7 or 14 days for both audiobooks and e-books. Alan will notify us well in advance of the go-live date so we can update any handouts in our libraries.

Item Level Holds Bug in the Pac
There is a problem in with the holds status in My Account in the pac for item level holds with queues. If a patron jumps the queue by virtue of his pickup library (i.e. he placed the hold today but is going to pick it up at the owning library and no one else in the existing queue will), the previous #1 patron in the queue will have a status of “Ready for Pickup” in My Account, even though the item is actually ready for pickup for a different person (who has the correct “Ready for Pickup” status as well).  This issue is confined to the pac. Millennium shows the proper status for both patrons. Alan will submit the issue to Innovative.

Placing Holds on Multiple Titles in a List
Alan demonstrated the procedure for placing holds on more than one title in My Lists in the pac. Placing a hold on a single title is straightforward – just click the red check next to the title in the list. This is the much more complicated process for placing more than one hold concurrently:

  • Click up a previously saved list
  • Click Export List
  • Click View Saved
  • Click Request Saved
  • NOW check the titles you want to request
  • Click Request Selected

During the demo, we discovered the button labeled “Request Available” actually means “Request All.” Alan will report the problem to Innovative.

LibraryThing Enhancements
LibraryThing has some new features, available at an additional cost to Lion. Take a look, and at the next meeting we will discuss whether to pursue it further.

Next Meeting
Sometime in early fall, specifics to be announced

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