LUX Minutes 2012 12

Lux Committee Minutes 12/13/12


Andy fielded a wide range of questions and comments about Sierra. Because Sierra is a relatively new product, there are a number of bugs and limited options for customization. Andy expects many problems will improve as upgrades become available. At present, we cannot maximize certain windows or sort by columns in search results. Lion can adjust login permissions and the fields in patron records, but Lion has no settings beyond what you see in the Admin menu. The load speed of reading history should improve in the next update.

Andy confirmed that the newspaper database will never be a part of Sierra, and he recommended Lion find alternative software for it. He is investigating whether we can have a special login with alternative colors and larger fonts for those with visual impairments.

Voting on Survey Monkey

Going forward, we will allow only one vote per library on any Survey Monkey polls. Please make sure only one person from your library places the vote, although it is expected that many within the library will participate in deciding how to vote.

Overdrive Redesign

There were no reports of problems with the redesign. We reviewed the Overdrive Policies document and the selection team’s purchasing proposal for the Board. We chose the 2013 lineup for the lower two filmstrips on the home page.

• January: Self-Help, Health & Fitness

• April: Teen Titles, Children’s Titles

• July: Romance, Sci-Fi

• October: Horror, Biography

Overdrive Advantage Program

Overdrive will waive the enrollment fee if we join the Advantage program by the end of 2012. We decided against recommending it to the Board, because we believed it would add another layer of complexity to using Overdrive as well as widening the gulf of accessibility for members of libraries with smaller budgets.

Overdrive Hold Queues

The committee would like Alan to prepare a monthly listing of OD high demand titles. Andy suggested Alan could add it to the OD circulation reports he gives to the Board. The committee will ask the Board to discuss reducing the hold ratio.


Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held in March, exact date and location TBA.

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