Lux Minutes 2013 03

Lux Committee Minutes 3/13/13


New E-mail Server

Rick described the specifics of the new e-mail server, which will be live on March 14. All accounts will have the same initial password, which staff must change immediately. Rick has sent out directions on how to migrate existing messages and contacts to the new server. He will leave the old server running for as long as people need to get their content. The new e-mail interface includes features like chat, a mobile version, and a collaborative calendar. Justin is very knowledgeable about the new server, since he helped set it up, so either he or Rick can assist with any questions/problems.

New Overdrive Digital Catalog

Alan demonstrated the new Overdrive interface. So far, there has not been much patron feedback. Alan will ask Overdrive about the following:

  • A darker text color for light gray navigation along the right side of the Account page
  • Availability of My Help feature
  • Customizing the top menu and featured collections on the home page
  • Form for e-mail support
  • A single e-mail link on the support page (and removing all of the individual library links to the same address) as well as having the email address spelled out
  • Changing the initial link on the Support page from “Unable to find answers to your questions in our help pages?” so that only the words “help pages” are linked instead of the entire phrase
  • Frequency of updates/how static pages will be

Please keep an eye on the new Overdrive READ format, and let Alan know if you notice any problems.

Overdrive Collection Reserve

Overdrive also has updated their online ordering system. Anybody may join the Overdrive selection committee, so tell Alan if you are interested in participating in collection development. A single title request may be sent using the Recommend feature in the Overdrive catalog.

Overdrive Holds

Alan is working on a Lion-wide high demands holds list by ratio.

There was a sale on selected Random House titles at the end of 2012. Many of these titles have tripled in price, so the Lion Board decided we will not buy additional copies to bring down the hold ratio.

In December, the Lion Board allocated $10,000 to bring down the hold ratio on Overdrive materials to 4 to 1. That money has been spent and about 25% of our current monthly Overdrive budget is going toward maintaining the ratio. We have remained at 4 to 1 for e-books, but are using an 8 to 1 ratio for audio. Alan will ask Overdrive if we can get any data on the frequency and length of early returns.

Overdrive Statistics

The Lion Board is exploring additional e-book options. Currently, only Overdrive offers Kindle format. Alan compiled statistics of checkouts by format from July 1, 2012 to March 12, 2013. For e-books, the breakdown is as follows:

  • Adobe EPUB: 20,290
  • Adobe PDF: 959
  • Kindle: 25,174
  • Open EPUB: 180
  • Overdrive READ (available since 3/8/13): 27

Macmillan Titles in Overdrive

As of March 1, Macmillan is selling a selection of 1,200 backlist titles in Overdrive. They cost $25 and “expire” after 2 years or 52 circulations, whichever comes first. However, they will only sell them to individual libraries or Advantage customers. Advantage requires a $1000 payment per library. Normally, $500 is a platform fee and the rest goes toward content, but Overdrive has a special where all $1000 is applied toward content. After much debate, the committee concluded we would not recommend the Lion Board pursue Advantage for Macmillan content. The title list lacks current titles and top shelf authors.

Alan reiterated that any library can contribute additional funds for purchase of Overdrive materials without being an Advantage customer. In this scenario, the titles would be shared among all Lion libraries instead of limited to the patrons of the purchasing library. The only titles we cannot obtain are those from Macmillan.


Several distant libraries have asked about videoconferencing for Lion committee meetings. Alan will investigate our options.


Alan reported that Innovative is hard at work on fixes. Lion is migrating Acton Library into Sierra, and all of their patrons are in the database. Alan will send an email with a list of what is coming in the newest Sierra update as well as a link to known issues.

Several libraries have problems with Sierra slowdowns and lockups at seemingly random intervals. Wallingford is experiencing slow response when printing transit and hold slips and when checking express materials in and out.

New Chair

If anyone is interested in chairing the Lux Committee starting in September, please contact Janet Flewelling (

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be in June, exact date and location TBD. Look for an announcement in May.

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