Lux Minutes 2013 06

Lux Meeting Minutes – 6/6/13

Zinio/Other Lion-wide Database Purchases
We surveyed the level of interest and feasibility of financial commitment to a Lion-wide purchase of Zinio. About half of the attendees felt that their libraries had both a strong interest and the availability of funds in the 2013-2014 fiscal year.  At the upcoming Lion Board meeting, we will ask the Board to verify that they have a plan for how such group purchases will be funded and what amount of consensus among Board members is required to proceed with group purchases. As long as the Board wants to move forward with group purchasing, we will begin a formal analysis of Zinio, with Deb Barberi from Russell Library acting as point person. This analysis of Zinio and any competing products will be presented to the Lux Committee, who then will make a recommendation to the Lion Board.

Alan has several other discount offers from database vendors. These offers, and any future ones, all will be handled in the same manner. Alan will send out the offers to the Lux list, and anyone who supports the product can volunteer to act as point person, providing the analysis for the committee as a whole. Based on the analysis, the committee will make a recommendation to the Lion Board.

Patron Self Registration
Lion has obtained the patron self registration module for the pac. This module allows patrons to register for a library card with limited privileges (essentially to place holds prior to physically visiting the library for a “real” card). The Lion Circulation Committee will evaluate this module more fully and decide the parameters for its adoption.

Spanish Interface for Pac
Lion also has obtained the Spanish interface module for the pac. This module switches the major text within the interface to Spanish. It does not change the text within the catalog record, and some of the navigational text remains in English. For an example, visit the Minuteman Library Network’s catalog at:*spi. Alan expects the new interface to be available the week of June 10th. He does not believe we can suppress or control individual elements of the interface, but he does think he could link it only within individual library catalogs instead of throughout Lion, if desired. He will send out the link as soon as it is ready.

Alan will add circulation by format type and Lion-wide high demand OverDrive holds to the monthly OverDrive statistics.

OverDrive is now integrated with LibAnywhere. Please test it and let Alan know if you find any issues.

OverDrive holds do not transfer when library cards are replaced. Alan recommends that we append the word “old” to the prior bar code or insert a note with the old bar code instead of deleting it from the record so he more easily can troubleshoot these kinds of issues.

Alan will ask OverDrive if the Hold Ready For Pickup emails can contain the last 4 digits of the library bar code.

Next Meeting
TBA. It will depend on whether we need to move forward with an analysis of Zinio, and whether we can do it via email and online surveys. From mid-August through February or March 2014, Alan will call a meeting if he has enough items on the agenda.

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