Lux Minutes 2014 03

Lux Committee Minutes – 3/12/14


Zinio Evaluation

We discussed our experiences with Zinio. Most libraries report high patron satisfaction with Zinio, in spite of a steep learning curve for setup. Several members mentioned specific difficulties patrons have encountered. A common problem is getting lost in the commercial version of the app. If patrons receive a security certificate warning when entering the RB Digital end of Zinio, have them clear their cache and update their browser. If the problem persists, report it to Alan, who will pass it along to Joe Levy, our Recorded Books representative.

According to Recorded Books, there will be more title options in the future.

Alan presented his projections for annual use and cost based on the statistics from November through February. We debated the value of the investment, including both the financial and staff time aspects. Most agreed that we should expand our digital materials and that patrons would be disappointed if we discontinued Zinio.

Alan will include data on number of users and checkouts per user in the monthly Zinio statistics.

We shared ideas on promoting Zinio, including:

  • Stickers affixed to print copies of Zinio titles
  • Signage on magazine racks
  • Email blasts
  • Articles/blurbs in local press
  • Classes/demonstrations – most successful when divided by device

Overdrive Budget
Our current Overdrive budget is not sufficient to keep our hold ratio at the set threshold, purchase new materials, reorder metered titles, and fill patron requests. The materials budget has remained stagnant since inception, when we only offered audio. The committee will present a purchasing proposal to the Lion Board at the April meeting. Besides increased funding, we want to recruit new members for the selection team (including children’s and young adult specialists), revise the collection development policy, evaluate the holds threshold, and assign a selection team member to review patron requests on a regular schedule.

Url Shortener Analytics
Alan demonstrated, a link shortener that offers analytics on users and referrers. Alan has utilized on one of the Zinio buttons in the catalog. The analytics include browser type, location, and referrer, among others. Libraries may want to use on their own web sites to obtain similar information.

Patron Self-Registration
Wallingford is using the patron self-registration module in the pac, which allows patrons who do not yet have library cards to register for limited privileges before visiting the library. Alan demonstrated the module and Judy Sgammato answered questions about its implementation and usage. Any library may choose to add this module to their scoped catalog.

Pac Help Screens
Alan will add information about how to formulate keyword searches with false Boolean operators to the help screens. He welcomes any library to write up help documentation for the pac on all topics.

Wallingford’s RFID Project
Judy Sgammato demonstrated Wallingford’s new RFID equipment, including self check-in and check-out.

Next Meeting
June – exact date and location TBD.

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