Lux Committee Minutes 2014 06

Lux Committee Minutes 6/10/14


Novelist Select & Flipster Demo

Steve Mikels from Ebsco demonstrated Novelist Select and Flipster.

Novelist Select is a catalog enhancement, somewhat similar to LibraryThing. It adds GoodReads reviews, book jackets, summaries, professional reviews, similar titles, other series entries, and similar series. Novelist Select is bundled with Novelist Plus, Ebsco’s readers’ advisory database. Novelist Plus offers recommendations for fiction, nonfiction, and audiobooks. There is an option for either Lion or individual libraries to add LibraryAware to a Lion-wide Novelist Select subscription. LibraryAware adds library-created content like database and event promotion to Novelist Select. Included with LibraryAware are NextReads newsletter subscriptions.

Flipster, Ebsco’s competitor for Zinio, currently has 90 (mostly U.S.) titles, with a total of 500 expected by year-end. There is no platform fee and only one login. There will be 1 year of back issues available. However, it does have a lending period, set by the publisher (usually 72 hours or 7 days). Ebsco is signing publishers to long-term contacts, so they should not have the same issues with dropped content or extreme price increases as Zinio.


Zinio Evaluation

Some titles do not have current issues. Alan has contacted Joe Levy for a solution. No other new problems were reported.


One Up Circ Notices

Circulation notices have been reformatted to a single column for easier reading on smartphones.


Agency Holds

Lion is adding the Agency Holds module to Sierra, which will allow hold prioritization among branches. There is no timeline for installation.


Emptying Lists

Please remember to empty your lists when are done with them. There are a limited number, and they are shared system-wide.



Lion’s current DSL setup is expected to be discontinued in the next few years. The CEN and Lion are investigating alternatives.


Hold Notices Functionality

After some libraries reported that not all notices were being sent, Alan has been experimenting with running them manually at other times of the day. He will test sending them automatically twice daily – in the early afternoon and around typical closing time (8-9 pm).

Pronunciator Discount

Lion has been offered a deep discount for a group purchase of Pronunciator, a language learning database. Guilford is a current subscriber.


eBook Development Committee Kickoff

Deb Barberi, eBook Development Committee Chair, covered many preliminary organizational matters. She will submit her own detailed minutes.


Next Meeting

In early fall, date and location TBA. We will be looking for an Eastern shoreline meeting space.

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