Lux Committee Minutes 2014 10

Lux Committee Minutes 9/10/14

OverDrive Support Questions
Alan currently receives all support emails submitted via the OverDrive site. He proposed to have each library receive the messages from their own patrons. He will ask OverDrive whether there can be a form with specific questions instead of the existing link to a blank email message (which also requires a default mail client).

With this change, Alan will ensure all libraries have access to Content Reserve in order to manage the hold queue, return titles, and reset downloads. He also covered some common support questions including new library card numbers.

Beth Crowley of Scranton Library in Madison will chair the Zinio Evaluation Committee, since Todd Fabian has moved. October 1 is the renewal date of our Zinio content. Zinio is negotiating for highly desirable content from a major publisher, which will cost $2900 for 18 titles. However, there is no guarantee when this content will be available, if ever. In preparation, Beth will cut $3000 from the current subscription list based on circulation, then submit the list for all libraries to review prior to the October 1 deadline. There is a question about whether to delete any back issues of titles we drop. Also suggested were including print magazine selectors from all libraries in the renewal process and having an online survey of Zinio users in 6 months to identify areas for improvement.

The primary enhancement to the Zinio interface will be removal of retail info on the Zinio side. It will continue to be a 2-step process, contrary to previous reports.

We shared many excellent publicity and marketing ideas. Several libraries brought physical copies of their flyers, brochures, bookmarks, signs, slideshows, etc. to the meeting or submitted them to the Lux email list. Alan will ask Patty to create a section on the Lion web site to host these files, so all libraries can access them easily and modify them for their own use. Most libraries found direct outreach to community groups to be the most successful means of promotion.

For the December meeting, we are looking for a volunteer to do a short Zinio training session focused on how to most effectively instruct novice users. Please contact Janet Flewelling at or (203)265-6754 if interested.

Network Attached Storage
Rick found an outstanding file sharing and backup solution for Wallingford Public Library. They have two Synology DiskStations, one with four hard drive bays and the other with two. The four bay unit is in the library. The two bay unit is in the Lion office. Currently, the four bay unit has two 3 TB hard drives (one for file storage, the other for RAID backup in case the original drive fails), with the other two bays reserved for future expansion. The two bay unit has one 3 TB hard drive. Every night the unit at the library backs up to the one at the Lion office. The cost for all of the equipment, plus the Lion fee was about $1300 in May 2014.
Many libraries are just getting started with 3D printing and other maker tools, typically using them only at special programs while becoming proficient with the equipment and developing policies for widespread use. Policy questions for 3D printing included what can be printed, liability waivers, time limits, charges for materials, required training, and whether prints could be emailed. We will continue to discuss progress in this area at future meetings.

Next Meeting
In December, date and location TBD.

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