Lux Committee Minutes 2014 12

Lion Lux Committee Minutes 12/4/14

Simon & Schuster Buy-It-Now Button
Simon & Schuster now offers eBooks on OverDrive without requiring a Buy-It-Now button in the interface. The eBook Development Committee is likely to recommend that the Lion Board adjust the price threshold in order to add their titles.

Marketing Section on the Lion Web Site
Patty has created a space on the Lion web site for us to share marketing, publicity, and training materials. It is located under Committees – LUX – Marketing/Publicity. Right now, it focuses on Zinio, but we can add anything we choose. Please send materials directly to Patty or to Janet Flewelling.

The Conde Nast titles are circulating well, especially The New Yorker.

We have control of the order of the covers in the interface. We agreed to keep the unrenewed titles at the end of the list. Those titles should say “Only Back Issues Available” in the individual record (although Alan says this is not true 100% of the time).

Alan is confident that he is able to get accurate patron counts through manipulating the basic statistics Zinio provides.

Alan will replace the large “New Service – Downloadable Magazines” button in the pac with two smaller buttons promoting Zinio and OverDrive.

E-mail Notices
Alan is investigating adjusting the schedule for automatic e-mail notices. We decided to run hold pickup notices at 7:00 am, 11:00 am, and 4:00 pm. Almost due notices will run at 7:00 am. Patty will continue to process overdue notices manually at 8:00 am.

OverDrive Support E-mails
Alan has created a Google Form within the Support page on our OverDrive catalog. This form has fields for all of the specific details we (or OverDrive) need to troubleshoot a problem. Currently, these form submissions go to Alan. In early 2015, these submissions will be emailed directly to a specific person at each Lion library. Please tell Alan who that person should be. You will receive only the submissions from your own patrons. Alan will provide training documentation before implementing this change.

On a related note, questions submitted via the pac are e-mailed to the library director, unless otherwise specified. If your library wants a different person to receive those messages, please tell Patty.

Patron Training for Digital Services
We discussed our most successful methods for training patrons in OverDrive and Zinio. Most felt that one-on-one sessions were the most effective, since group classes tend to have students with widely varied skill levels. Durham has a “what to bring to training” patron checklist that they will share on the Lion web site.

3D Printer Demo
Rob McCoole gave an excellent overview and demonstration of Guilford’s 3D printing services. Their first Makerbot printer was funded by an anonymous donation and initially was used only for programs. It is now integrated in the reference department as a regular service. Guilford also has a Makerbot Mini for the children’s department, but they have not started using it yet. You may view Rob’s demonstration on YouTube at: Please forgive the poor videography!

Next Meeting
Early spring – date and location TBD.

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