Lux Committee Minutes 2015 03

Lux Committee Minutes 3/17/15


CEN Budget
Rick discussed the implications of the governor’s recommended $3 million cut to CEN in his proposed budget. That same budget includes $3.6 million for bringing fiber connections to schools and libraries. If this budget passes, libraries and schools will need to pay for their Internet connectivity. CEN is unsure what the rate will be, but it is tied to location. Lion is investigating cable internet connectivity as an alternative, although the provider will vary based on geography. So far, Rick has spoken only with Comcast, which would charge $163 monthly per library.

If the fiber capital improvement portion remains in the adopted budget, Lion will have much work to do to get libraries ready for the installation. The equipment is large and will require racks.

Lion is encouraging libraries to help get the word to patrons about how much damage the cuts to CEN (as well as other state-supported library services) in the proposed budget will do.

OverDrive Support
Alan is turning over OverDrive support questions to the individual libraries, much the same as he has done with the questions submitted via the pac. Please tell Alan the email address to which you would like them sent. There is an expectation of quick turnaround time, so please select an address that will be monitored regularly. Rick suggested that libraries could create a dedicated generic address (i.e. for the questions and have the messages forwarded to an individual’s work address. When the individual is unavailable to check work email for an extended time, just change the address to whom it is forwarded. That would eliminate the need for staff members to check multiple accounts regularly as well as give them an easy way to keep these messages out of their inboxes when on vacation.

Alan has created a document on how to navigate OverDrive’s support interface. He gave a demonstration of its features, including managing holds, returning titles, and resetting downloads. You may send other questions to OverDrive using the form within the interface. Alan also covered how to answer many common support questions.

OverDrive Magazine Collection
OverDrive now offers magazines, currently at a much lower cost than Zinio. They require the Nook app from Barnes & Noble. We took a look at the interface via Library Connection, and it appears that there is a 2 week loan period and no support for Kindle, Mac, or Windows 7. Alan will get definitive answers about the lending model, device support, and pricing when we are closer to the Zinio renewal date.

Zinio Interface Changes
We are very excited about the single login and new non-commercial app. The new app requires selecting your library’s name, and unfortunately, we are listed as Libraries Online, Inc. Alan will check whether it can list our individual library names instead. No other concerns were raised.

Records for all Zinio titles have been added to the pac.

Zinio Collection Development
There is no money available to add magazines to the Zinio collection this subscription period (ending in the fall). An individual library can pay for a new title if they wish to add it immediately. Contact Alan if interested.

Sierra Mobile Worklists
Lion participated in a beta test of Sierra’s new product, Mobile Worklists. It is expected for general release in the next month or so. For our participation, we receive a free year. It allows staff to send lists to Sierra by scanning barcodes on an iPhone or iPad.

Total Boox
At ALA, Alan spoke with a new e-Book provider, Total Boox. Their platform contains 30,000 simultaneous access titles, with a pay-per-use model. Pay-per-use granular to the chapter level (i.e. if a patron reads only one chapter, the library pays less than if he read the whole book), but there is a minimum financial commitment. Alan has a trial and will get more specifics.

Windows 10
Rick discussed the upcoming release of Windows 10. There are many exciting changes, including a whole new Internet browser and peer-to-peer updates. Microsoft is giving away free upgrades to Windows 10 from 7, 8, and 8.1 for the first year. Rick is unsure how well Windows 10 will integrate with Sierra, print/time management software, and disk protection software. Hopefully, he will be able to do a demo for us at an upcoming meeting.

Next Meeting
June – date, time and location TBA.

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