Lux Committee Minutes 2015 06

Lux Committee Minutes – 6/11/15


Windows 10 Demo
Justin from LION gave an extensive demonstration of Windows 10, which is expected for release in July. It is a free upgrade for Windows 7 or 8 within the first year of release.

Notable changes and features include:
• No widgets
• Can sign in with a Microsoft account
• Starts on the desktop
• Windows/web search box in task bar
• Start menu contains a list of applications, settings and tiles
• Settings replaces the Control Panel
• Cortana – a Siri-like personal assistant
• Task View on task bar (similar to Alt+Tab)
• Virtual desktops – can have more than one desktop in each account
• Windows snapping for up to 4 windows
• Children’s accounts – adults specify family users and can manage settings and filtering for the children.
• Local updates – can do Windows updates from local computers instead of over Internet
• Edge browser replaces Internet Explorer

LION has not determined when they will move forward with Windows 10 for replacement computers or upgrading existing machines. There is no official support from Envisionware or Deep Freeze yet.

Fiber Upgrades
The state budget allocated $3.6 million to bring fiber to libraries on DSL. The state librarian and the director of CEN are investigating ways to leverage e-rate funding into the project for additional network improvements. There is no firm timeline for the project, but January 2016 is the earliest start date. At this time, it is also unclear who will pay the annual operating expenses. Rick expects libraries will be required to cover at least part of the bill.

Rick will be doing site visits to the 16 LION libraries eligible for the fiber upgrade. There are space, equipment, and network configuration considerations for each library to address before the installation.

Zinio Alternatives
Our current contract with Zinio expires at the end of September. The Board will decide in August whether to renew. We need to explore the alternative digital magazine platforms and make a recommendation to them. Alan has requested pricing and trial accounts from Flipster and Overdrive and will share the information as soon as it is available.

Flipster has no platform fee, but a higher content fee than Zinio.

Overdrive has a $7500 platform fee, but has much lower restrictions on the number of users per issue than Zinio (most likely necessitating purchasing multiple copies of popular titles). There are no back issues or Kindle support (it runs via the Barnes & Noble nook app).

It is quite likely there will be a special meeting in July or early August to draft our digital magazine proposal for the Board.

WMA Format in Overdrive
Overdrive has discontinued support for WMA. Most of our content was converted to MP3. However, one publisher refused to allow the conversion, so we lost all of our 280 Brilliance audiobooks (which had circulated 17,000 times). Overdrive is giving us a small credit for the lost content.

reQuest Shutdown
reQuest will shut down on July 1. Alan has created a union catalog using the Z39.50 protocol. It is available at: Alan demonstrated how to use it to search by title or ISBN. It is limited to 100 results from one site and 500 total in a combined site search. It allows you to email a record to yourself (which you could forward to a lending library), but has no mechanism for submitting or tracking interlibrary loans.

Several libraries have requested dedicated email accounts for their libraries (i.e. Contact Rick if you want to create one.

Next Meeting
Most likely, we will hold a special meeting in July or early August to formulate a digital magazine proposal. A full meeting will be planned for the fall. Dates, times, and locations TBA.

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