Lux Committee Minutes 2015 09

Lux Committee Minutes 9/28/15

Lion-wide Minecraft Server
The CEN has given us free virtual server space for a Lion-wide Minecraft server. Rick and Justin will configure the server, based on input from Lion members. We need to form a committee to make these decisions and decide how to monitor the environment. The first step is for all interested libraries to obtain 1 desktop license each (cost $27), and Rick will allow these accounts access to explore the server. Please contact Janet Flewelling if someone from your library is interested in chairing or co-chairing the committee. Rick suggested we ask one of the administrators of the Fairfield County Minecraft server to come to the first committee meeting.

The presentation about the Fairfield County Minecraft server is available at:

Zinio Subscriptions
We have subscribed to 146 titles at a cost of $12,000 annually, prorated to 9 months to end with our fiscal year. Alan will organize the collection so the new titles are on the first page. Some current subscriptions may be discontinued due to publisher agreements. The committee decided to keep the back issues of unsubscribed magazines available for the current fiscal year and re-evaluate in the spring.

Zinio Marketing
Alan made a new Zinio button for the pac. It features a rotating current magazine cover. In two months, it has received 1795 hits. The button links to Lion’s Zinio overview page then automatically rolls over to the Zinio collection page after 30 seconds. He will share the code so any library can place the button on their own web site.

Other suggestions for marketing included email blasts, signs/stickers on the physical magazine collections, one-on-one instruction, group classes, and outreach to local organizations. We will continue the discussion at the next meeting.

Digipalooza 2015
Janet asked the committee to consider several options she discovered at OverDrive’s Digipalooza conference in August.

  • Lion-wide One Book program: Some publishers are willing to sell large quantities of a title at a significant discount or offer simultaneous access for a specified time frame. We will continue to explore this possibility at the December meeting.
  • Local content: We can upload content for free to our OD collection as long as we have permission from the copyright holder. We would need to create a policy for what content is acceptable and possibly form an editorial committee to evaluate content from local authors, musicians, etc.
  • Curated collections: Many presenters reported great success with marketing formerly popular titles by grouping them on the OD landing page.
  • Kids & Teen e-Reading Rooms: OverDrive has a special interface which filters out titles that are not for these age groups. Alan will ask OD to turn it on, and we will evaluate whether to make the links public.

Self-e Trial
We have a trial of Self-e through the end of September. Self-e is a platform for self-published authors and has partnered with Library Journal to make the best submissions available to all subscribers. If we subscribed, at an annual cost of $6750, we would have access to all of the content submitted by Connecticut authors and the Library Journal selections. The CT module is expected to be ready by the end of the year.

We discussed the pros and cons of both Self-e and OverDrive Local Content.
Self-e positives: Minimal staff time investment, other than marketing and instruction
Self-e negatives: Price, questionable content quality, might be difficult to interest patrons in unknown authors, ebooks only
OverDrive Local Content positives: Free, integrated into existing platform, flexibility in content types, editorial control
OverDrive Local Content negatives: Large investment of staff time

We will continue to discuss the platforms via email.

Shared Kits
Alan has ordered a set of Keva planks for the libraries to share. Please contact him if your library would like to try them. We discussed other types of shared kits that might work well as a co-op, and we will create a list at the next meeting after individual libraries have had time to research. Many libraries were especially interested in makerspace equipment like arduinos, little bits, squishy circuits, etc.

Next Meeting
Early December – exact date and location TBD

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