LUXx Committee Minutes, 2018 06

LUX Committee Minutes

June 5, 2018

We discussed a number of problems and questions about PIKA. Joe has several open tickets including:

  • Merge records not working
  • On order records not displaying
  • “Title Not Available” for titles in brackets
  • Display status has grouped status of “On Shelf”
  • Patrons with apostrophes in their last names cannot login in Safari
  • Difference between “It’s Here” and “On Shelf”
  • Changing the label of “Quick Copy View”

Many libraries reported confusion over the home library location in the search box, since it’s actually a search of all libraries. Joe will request the name be changed to “Entire Collection.” He also will ask how the New Materials browse lists are sorted and whether patrons can have passwords instead of barcodes.

There were a number of other requests which Joe will submit to PIKA:

  • Change label from “Your Name” to “Your Last Name” in login screen
  • Facet for limiting to individual Lion libraries in an individual catalog. Currently only available in global catalog.
  • Uncheck “Log Me Out After Requesting Item” in hold screen
  • Remove “Cancel If Hold Not Filled By” in hold screen
  • Permalink to individual records
  • More straightforward method for accessing the full holdings info. Currently requires clicking on item type, then “More Info”, then “Other Locations”

PIKA does not have the preferred search functionality that was available in the old pac.

The New Materials lists are being generated on the same schedule as always. However, there is a lag when they are added to PIKA. Joe attributes this to a workaround solution PIKA created because we do not have the Sierra Scheduler module.

We now have a subscription for DVD cover art.

Individual libraries may begin adding their own Browse Categories. Please be sure to use your Sierra prefix when naming the lists and to re-add the default categories. It is possible to make a link to a public list. Help documents are available when logged in. Andy at Lion and Christine at Durham are good resources as well. We plan for Christine to give a short demo at the next meeting. There also were suggestions to offer Browse Categories for RBdigital and Popular Titles.

We decided we do not need to add help documentation for the public to the interface.

We continue to feel the effects of the major staff turnover at PIKA. Please submit new problems and questions to


Sierra Automatic Renewal
Sierra has automatic renewal functionality in its latest version. LCI libraries have begun to use it, and it is well-received and working well. Materials can be set to renew based on the original due date instead of the actual date of renewal in case patrons only come to the library on a certain day of the week. Materials not eligible for renewal continue to generate an almost due notice. Lion is not yet on the version of Sierra required for automatic renewal, and the PIKA workaround for the Sierra Scheduler is not yet compatible with that version.


DVD Lending Policies
We discussed whether libraries have modified their DVD lending policies due to declining circulation. Several libraries reported increasing the item limit as well as decreasing the fine with only positive results.


OverDrive Selectors
The eBook working group needs a children’s selector. A candidate was identified, and Deb will follow up.


Shared Objects
Joe needs to consult with Riverbend about transporting the kits. There have been several new kit suggestions, especially VR equipment. Brittany will ask the Board for funding at either the June or September meeting. Duplicates of popular kits also may be purchased if funding permits.


OverDrive Magazines
It appears that the collection will not include our most popular RBdigital titles and will cost more. We will investigate further when it is released.


Maker & Technology Programs For Adults
We shared success stories of maker and tech programs for adults. Offering seats in an upcoming repeat session to patrons on the waitlist for the current session helps ensure that the same cohort doesn’t take all the spots. Popular programs include:

  • VHS conversion and SketchUp (Guilford)
  • Lock picking, 3D printing, sewing, Game Night, Books and Brews, and Puzzled Pint (Branford)
  • Tech Time and drop-in tech help (Old Saybrook)
  • Bad Art Night and Royal Wedding (North Haven)


Hotspots & Nontraditional Item Lending
Many libraries are offering hotspots and other nontraditional items, including Rokus, projectors, jigsaw puzzles, board games, toys, laptops, and video equipment. Libraries with hotspots believe they are mostly borrowed by a small group of repeat patrons.


Printable Museum Passes
Printable museum passes are very popular and well received in all libraries who reported using them. There has not been much confusion or pushback about the passes that are not eligible for printing. It is recommended to clearly identify the passes which require physical pickup in your museum pass software.


OverDrive Curate
Andy is developing lists. Christine recently added PBS Great American Read. Please send any topic suggestions to Christine. Contact Joe if you would like to curate lists yourself.


Next Meeting
In September, exact date and location TBD.
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