PAC Minutes 2009 08

LION Pac Task Force Minutes

Inaugural Meeting
August 6, 2009

In attendance: Alan Hagyard, LION; Janet Flewelling & Julian Aiken, Wallingford; Jeff Dickens, Mitchell; Mary Kelley, Woodbridge; Bonny Albanese, Madison

Alan discussed the various components of the pac screen and what is customizable. In the new WebPacPro interface, we can modify the header and footer, the right sidebar, and the news area below the search box. Additionally, it is possible to customize those areas for individual libraries. However, we decided a uniform look across the consortium would cause the least confusion and be the easiest to maintain.

The following priorities were established:

  • Have a consistent color scheme and font style
  • Create a header logo incorporating the existing LION logo and individual library names to fill entire width of screen
  • Have a scopeable menu bar below the header logo
  • Replace the news area with something less busy and more eye catching – possibly library photos?
  • Decide on the right sidebar links on a library-by-library basis at a later date. Offer 4-6 options instead of 22 individual menus to cut down on maintenance for LION.

Over the next few weeks, Janet Flewelling will work on a mockup, which Alan will load on the production server for everyone to evaluate.

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