LION Announces Supplemental Delivery Services to Member Libraries

LION Announces Supplemental Delivery Services to Member Libraries

The Board of Trustees of Libraries Online, Inc., (LION) has contracted with Riverbend Express of Portland, CT, to provide supplemental delivery services among member libraries. Its purpose is to enhance the consortium’s resource sharing capabilities. The service begins on Monday, September 18, 2017.

Patrons of LION member libraries have made extensive use of deliverIT CT, the statewide library courier service, since its inception in 1974. Recent cuts to the service, the result of reductions in the state library budget, have forced libraries to place restrictions on the number of items that can be requested from libraries elsewhere, and this decline in access has concerned borrowers and librarians alike.

LION responded by seeking out a courier who would handle LION-only traffic. This means that, effective September 18, 2017, LION patrons will no longer be restricted in the number of items they wish to borrow from libraries other than their home libraries.  Items from non-LION libraries will continue to be distributed by deliverIT CT.

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Libraries Online, Inc. (LION) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization formed by its members in 1982. Our 28 libraries share an Integrated Library System and other services from the Middletown office.  Public and academic member libraries in south-central Connecticut use the system to service their 234,000 patrons with 830,000 shared unique titles linked to over two and one half million items in their local collections.  LION is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of a designated representative from each member library.