Technology Minutes 2009 04

LION Emerging Technologies Committee
Inaugural Meeting
April 9, 2009
Wallingford Public Library Community Room


Present: Katie Brossard, MC; Debbie Barberi, MD; Phyllis Wigham, MA; Bonny Albanese, MA; Janet Flewelling, WA; Julian Aiken, WA; Michelle Baker, ME; Alan Hagyard, LION; Lynn Serra, WD; Cathy Shields, EL; Rick Widlansky, LION; Bernadette Niedermeier, OL; Rob McCook, GU; Matt Beardsley, LION.

Katie and Rick welcomed the group and invited everyone to introduce themselves.  Katie explained that the committee was suggested at a LION Board meeting as a way to share ideas about emerging technologies that are being used or considered by member libraries.  When appropriate, the committee may consider recommending new products or services to the Board if they would be useful for the entire consortium.  The exact charge of the committee will likely evolve as we continue to meet and share ideas.

Wireless Printing – Rick demonstrated wireless printing using an appliance that is plugged into the wireless access point.  Instructions for setup using Windows XP and Mac will be posted to the blog.  Vista should behave the same.

III Circulation Module Sounds
Rick explained that III Circ Sounds can be setup so that there are separate sounds for separate actions (patron warnings, successful check in/out, etc.).  Sounds can also be disabled.  This function is located in the III login manager and is specific to each login (not initials).  Downloaded sound files can be used as well but must be installed on each computer.  You can also turn off barcode reader beeps to avoid false check ins.  Rick will post instructions for setup to the blog.

Open DNS
Rick described Open DNS, a free service that allows you to restrict certain types of internet activity based on web url or category, on a computer-by-computer basis.  A few libraries are using it now.  Also allows you to view internet activity statistics (top viewed sites, etc.) if you’d like.  Policy issues may need to be discussed within each library if such a product will be utilized.  Rick will send link out so libraries can view their activity levels.  Approximately 5-6 libraries within LION are currently filtering on at least some of their computers.  More information is available on request.

Quick Mentions
Linux program (free) designed for schools including interactive and educational games.  Can test by downloading software onto a CD if you are interested.  Rick will share a link with the group.

Daylight Savings Time issue will be resolved before next time change.  Some registry settings needed to be updated on all LION PCs with steady state bios.

New email server will need to be installed soon.  LION has equipment and is now evaluating software options including handheld functionality.

Internet Explorer 8 is out but not recommended.  It is recommended that libraries stick with Firefox or IE7 for now.

Windows7 will be out this year, perhaps September.  Rick and Matt may wait to install next round of PCs until Windows7 is available.  Word so far is that Windows7 is a good product.

Wireless upgrade (g to n) is now available.  A small, inexpensive (under $50) adapter can be plugged into existing wireless routers to upgrade signal to g if libraries are interested.

Tech disposal options to share – Free drop off in Cromwell with limited hours.  No fees, you just have to transport your equipment to the drop off location.  Goodwill also accepts donations (working and non-working condition).

Wallingford has installed it for its teen computers for print and time management.  Upgrade from VendPrint.  Requires one server and client install on staff computers where release station is located.  Planning to release a wireless print client.  Also offers self-check as a separate product. Janet offered a demo of the product for interested committee members.

Mitchell College is using LibGuides web interface to organize online resources (databases, recommended websites, RSS feeds of new book arrivals, chat with librarians, etc.) and is very satisfied with the product.  The guides have been most useful when targeted to specific classes or events though is still a work in progress.  It is reasonably priced and a good alternative for libraries feeling restricted by their current web environments.  No HTML knowledge is required.

Using the blog
The committee agreed that the blog would be more useful if it offered email updates when new posts or comments are added.  Katie will setup FeedBurner on the blog and register the email so that everyone on the committee receives these updates.  Each person on the list will receive an email asking them to confirm that this is a valid email address; this can be ignored.  Rick will post useful instructions and links to the blog for centralized access and other members are invited to do the same.

The committee agreed that meeting face-to-face is most helpful and that quarterly meetings would be a good start.  Everyone is invited to demonstrate new products or services that they have implemented or are considering for future use.  The next meeting will happen in July, location and exact date TBD.

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